Alice Sydow of I’ve Got Your Style is determined to be the premiere Image Consultant in the Twin Cities and- she’ll succeed!

With just one short year in the Image Consulting industry, Alice has amassed quite an arsenal of clients in record time. Could it be due to the way Alice consults her clients from their closets to the cash register in a fun and stress free manner?!

With her website only live since July 2010, Alice has been super busy cultivating an attractive array of services to offer to the savvy women in this area. Her services include color analysis, style assessments, wardrobe editing, personal and accessory shopping as well as cleverly designed and combo packages such as “Girl’s Day Out- Shopping and Style”.

Training at the prestigious Image Resource Center in New York City certainly helped to give her a solid base in the field. Put that together with her runway model looks and presence and you’ve got one TV-ready star!

Appearing on Twin Cities Live, Alice hosts segments such as Closet Clean Out, Holiday Dresses for your Body Type as well as How to Look 10 lbs Lighter.  And just last night, M & I Bank hosted a Ladies Night Out event at the Mall of America where Alice spoke on Step Into Summer with Your Best Foot Forward!

Despite this progress you would be surprised to learn that a few years ago, healthy and beautiful Alice was looking at a store shelf and suddenly saw things in double—completely frightening her.  An MRI led to the thought of a tumor.  She was also told she might have Multiple Sclerosis by a neurologist, but they couldn’t fully diagnose it at that time. In denial for 1.5 years, one day she felt numbness in her feet then over the course of the next week it extended to her waist.  In 2007, relapsing remitting MS was confirmed.  The feeling of being young and invincible in her 30s was shattered.

A turning point for her career came during a disability break from work, when she discovered the personal shopping industry while surfing online in bed. This touched upon the love of clothes she always wanted to pursue since a child and increased while travelling around the globe as a travel director for companies that would conduct incentive trips.  

So what now? Alice, whose disease is not apparent when you meet her, wants to turn her disease into a positive by inspiring those with both hidden and obvious afflictions into positives through her image consulting talents. She has found solace and conviction in a career that brings happiness and constructive benefits to her clients. As any good image consultant knows: a great image on the outside is nothing if we can’t deal with what’s going on in the inside.

One response to “Alice Sydow of I’ve Got Your Style is determined to be the premiere Image Consultant in the Twin Cities and- she’ll succeed!

  1. Thank you so very much for writing this article. So many people need to know that they shouldn’t feel limited with whatever they are going through! You CAN do anything you set your mind to!

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