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Look Younger in 5 Easy Makeup Moves

Although makeup is meant to enhance, it can also hide. And while Fashion Societe encourages you to preserve every unique curve and line in your face, we know that sometimes you may need to cover up a bit. The simplest tricks give you the power to brighten your tired eyes and plump your otherwise limp lips. Wield the power of makeup and you can make subtle enhancements or visual overhauls—be the best version of you or somebody totally new. There are dozens of tips to learn from but thanks to MSNBC, we’ve got five that will make you look younger instantly! Get an in-depth look at the article at MSNBC’s site or take a peak below for the Cliff’s Notes.

1. Lift your brows

2. Camouflage crow’s feet

3. Reduce “parentheses”

4. Pep up your pout

5. Slim a double chin

Heel Appeal

Although most of us are only familiar with the opposite ends of the heel spectrum—flat and stiletto—there is a wide range of heights and shapes therein. Without further adieu, let us help you better understand each heel and what outfit they work best with.

Flat – The lowest on the height scale, flats are known for their practicality and comfort. Thankfully, the flat has transitioned from grandma’s walking shoe to stylish loafer as of late and in doing so, have become more popular than ever. Keep casual cool with stovepipe jeans or go retro by pairing your flats with wide-leg trousers. Looking for something a little off the beaten path? Match your feminine floral summer dress with a pair of bold color flats.

Kitten – Equal parts old world and new school, the kitten heel is back with a vengeance. The perfect peekabo beneath bootcut jeans (a kitten heel is usually no more than two inches!), they are also a great complement to full skirts and a fine compromise between practicality and personality. Another great perk about this little kitty? They are quietly sexy with shorts or a mini skirt.

Spool – In vogue throughout Europe’s Baroque and Rococo periods, the spool heel is characterized by a thin middle bounded by a thick bottom and top. Also seen in the 1860s and more recently in the 1950s, the spool heel has made recent appearances on Prada and Louis Vuitton runways. Keep your whole ensemble vintage-chic with a modern take on the tiered skirt or slip into something minimalist and let your heels have their moment in the spotlight.

Wedge – Defined by a continuous heel, the wedge is every on-the-go stylista’s secret weapon. Offering more support than your typical heel, wedges can be made of wood, cork, plastic, or leather and are essential in every season. For summer, slip into some denim pedal pushers and finish the look with a pair of cork wedges. Or, match your best patterned skirt with a breezy top and funky plastic wedges for revamped summertime cool.

Stiletto – Every girl’s best—and after a long night, worst!—friend. The stiletto is sky high, spiked sex appeal like no other. While we’re sure you already know how to work these kicks without any teaching, remember that these are the best option when moving from work to play. Instead of packing a second outfit for post-work drinks with friends, add a blinged-out accessory and your hottest stiletto heels. To die for, darling.

Glitz Glamour Groove Give Runway Show ROCKED on June 24th

I was truly dazzled by the array of hip and creative looks from Ooh La La– a progressive clothing boutique chain which is a rare find on Long Island.  Fortunately, they bring 5 much-needed stores to this area. Lines from Judith March, Scrapbook and many MANY more were featured at this hot sexy show which debuted just after 11PM Friday night…. The evening benefitted Habitat for Humanity’s program “Women Build” which promotes women to learn construction as they address the issues of substandard housing – an incredible cause.   Many thanks to Jenny and her pretty Mom, who must be extremely proud of her talented, and highly organized daughter (this particularly full-sized show went off without a hitch!)

The Best Bras for Your Bare Shoulders

Not every bra works with every top and there is nothing worse than spending your days correcting exposed straps. What hides beneath a tee-shirt doesn’t beneath a halter and we know we’re not the only ones asking what to do. The lovely ladies at Self magazine have heard our collective prayers and in turn, have bestowed upon us this guide, The Best Bras for Shoulder-Baring Tops. Dying to wear that new one-shoulder dress for a night of fine dining? What about that racerback tank for weekend shopping with the girls? With clear, simple images of both the tops you can’t wait to wear and the bras that Self suggests, this manual will make dressing utterly foolproof—find out when you should opt for a strapless bra over a bustier and if convertible bras really live up to all the hype. Remember, every layer counts!

How to Be a Vixen in Vintage

Fashion is cyclical and we are always ready to grab hold of the last great thing as it makes it’s way back around. But sometimes wearing vintage can be tricky. From fit to quality to style, it takes a trained eye to pair boho with mod, retro with avante. Well, short of enlisting a celebrity stylist to guide us down this well-worn road, what is a girl to do?, what should be every girl’s online fashion bible, is showing us how to mix and match our favorite pieces of yesteryear with the upcoming styles of next season. With added help from vintage retailer The Way We Wore, this episode in their series of how to wear profiles is a must-see for every budding style maven. Pull that ’70s prairie skirt from the back of your closet or those mid-century sheaths from Mom’s old trunk and find out how to create the perfect original ensemble, equal parts old world and new millennium. Check out’s mini tutorial (equipped with a great video full of great styles!) and remember, everything old is new again.

Reelin’ in Style

Last week we told you how to achieve an instant facelift (hello ponytail!) and now we’re here to help you expand upon that. The ponytail is no one trick pony, girls, so don’t treat her as such. With a little inspiration from aquatic life you can have a stand out ‘do for casual afternoons or cocktail hour. The fishtail braid is a variation of the three strand braid that requires little practice and keeps your frizzy, greasy, or limp strands out of your way for the day. Following the herringbone’s pattern, the fishtail has you split your hair into two sections, take a thin strand from the outside of section one and bring it across to become part of section two. Then, take a thin strand from the outside of section two and bring it across to become part of section one. Repeat these steps until you reach the end or your desired length of fishtail. Need to step it up a notch? Try pulling your hair into a low ponytail for a sophisticated version of this look or go completely farm girl chic with a tousled and side-swept braid. Get more in depth directions and a full range of styles in’s DIY fishtail article.

Good to the Last Layer

photo courtesy of Nicholas K, SS11

Good things come in layers: cakes, Earth, and emotions. Not to mention outfits! And just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t!) throw on a few layers for the day, it just means you must do so smartly. Thanks to we’ve got the scoop on how to layer with the best of ’em this season and how to steer clear of your tank top and jean short rut. Sleeveless vests, necklace-minded scarves, lightweight leggings, and cropped tops all make the list this go around. Play with proportions, find the right combination of styles and accessories, and discover your new summertime self. What layered outfit are we ready to skip around the city in? A simple A-line day dress coupled with a structured vest, multi-strand necklace, thin animal printed belt, and some polished ballet flats to finish. Delicious, first layer to last.

Makeshift Facelift

A taut jawline and firm browbone may not make you look 25 again but they will certainly make you feel like you’ve shaved a few years off your look. And while some of us don’t agree with or can’t afford cosmetic surgery, we aren’t opposed to getting similar stunning results. So ladies, we introduce to you the DIY facelift: the ponytail. A classic look for all hair types, the ponytail also doubles as a youth enhancer when you know just the right way to work it. The key is to keep the sides slick with a little shine serum and the top lifted with some ol’ fashioned teasing to give the illusion of surgical intervention (having a sleek hairline gives the appearance of firmer skin and a “windblown on my Saint Tropez yacht” appeal). Sass up that tail with a braid or tease it out for a little Diana Ross glam. Remember, a simple style like a ponytail leaves a lot of room for reinvention so don’t be shy in veering off the beaten path. Before you know it, you’ll be getting carded for cocktails again. Surgery be damned!

Covered Up Fun in the Sun

photo courtesy of Mott 50

We have a love-hate relationship with the sun over here at Fashion Societe. On the one hand, we love spending endless summer days in her warm embrace but on the other, we don’t want wrinkles! And even though it feels good to peel off those layers as the thermometer picks up, we have to remind ourselves that our skin is screaming to keep those clothes on. What’s a girl to do? There is light at the end of this already bright tunnel, we promise. Chain stores and specialty designers alike are now offering wide ranges of sun-protective clothing to keep you feeling and looking cool in every degree of heat. Uniqlo, a major national retailers, now stocks everyday casual wear that keeps your skin out of harm’s way while brands like Mott 50 and Coolibar promise to block both UVA and UVB rays, something most sunscreens fail to do. With each label entrusting both style experts (have you seen Mott 50’s printed dresses?!) and dermatological specialists in their apparel development, you can rest assured that no matter what the temperature, your wardrobe and skin will be thanking you for summers to come.

Best Dressed on a Budget

Keep those purse strings tight this season with a little help from Fashion Societe and The Budget Babe. We are always on the hunt for fabulous and fabulously priced goods for you and your closet… and we’re not the only ones. Good friend and fellow blogger The Budget Babe always updates us on the latest celebrity, beauty, and fashion trends and how we can make those runway or Hollywood looks all our own. The heat is in full swing and there is no better time than now to slip into a cool silk or crepe dress and slink your way through town. British actress Keira Knightley was recently spotted in a look we’re dying to wear this weekend—a feminine floral day dress paired with a lightweight denim jacket, rich camel shoulder bag, and cap toe flats. And while her flats may be Chanel, her bag a small fortune, and her lifestyle a touch more decadent than ours, that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve this blush-meets-tough look all on our own. With recommendations from wallet-friendly stores like Topshop and Dolce Vita, The Budget Babe will help you feel London cool (for less!) anytime you want. Take that, Keira!