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Where you wouldn’t expect to find fashionistas– Patty Lee of the New York Daily News ILLUMINATES them!!

Patty Lee covers fashion, food and other fun parts of the local scene in NYC for the New York Daily News.  Her photographs and story brings color and meaning to the readership as she captures the style of everyday New Yorkers she notices on the street. I’ve enjoyed “On the Street” for awhile now, and think you should check it out if you’ve never seen it.

Through her column in Features, Patty is in charge of spreading the urban style of trendy women in order to inspire and… of course, entertain. She chooses 4 from many, and arranges them on the page so that their head-to-toe sartorial choices are in full view. Each woman gives a translation of her look, and Patty shares their mood alongside the photo. Her favorite “interview” so far has been a mother-daughter combo, where the senior of the pair (Mom) was dressed colorfully, looking vibrant and energetic. The younger half was all in black– completely comfortable in classic New York chic!

With some columnists’ sour outlooks on fashion caused by the volatile economy, sitting with Patty was really refreshing– she reaches outside the box, and gathers her arsenal of special, unique subjects from places we don’t normally expect to see a array of high style. A teen trip to the Bronx Museum resulted in a wealth of great subjects! Furthermore, this pretty young lady does all her own photography- carrying around her Nikon D90 DSLR– and never photoshopping anyone– it’s all naturalll! Enjoy our choice of selections from Patty’s many columns below~

See Foodspotting   South Bronx Style    Staten Island’s Vibrancy

Introducing “40+ Women to Network with Today on LinkedIn”

40+ Women to Network with Today on LinkedIn

I'm one of forty plus women selected by the Women's News Bureau!

I’m proud to be one of forty plus women selected by the Women’s News Bureau to follow on LinkedIn today.

The Women’s News Bureau ( has gathered over 40 women for you to network with today on LinkedIn to help you maximize your membership.  Read their news snippets and invite them to connect.  Then strike up a conversation about collaborating to introduce each other to your respective clients.

Want a make over and have it featured in a national magazine?

Fashion Societe wants to know if you want to have a makeover from a national magazineFashion Societe is on the lookout to nominate deserving women to a national women’s magazine that is looking to do a feature about real life makeovers. Nominees must be:

1. Women ages 20 to 36.

2. Women whose look could use some freshening up.  Maybe she thinks mom jeans are ironically cool (they’re not), or darkens her eyebrows with a Sharpie (true story), or is holding on to a hairstyle that made her hot ten years ago (but isn’t doing much for her these days).  The more outrageous her fashion or beauty transgressions the better. Don’t worry about offending her–she’ll be too excited about getting a makeover to be upset.

3. Women who could use some pampering. Perhaps she’s a single mom, or she’s fighting cancer, or she’s putting herself through college singlehandedly, or she lost her job earlier this year.  We want to make her feel amazing for a day.

4. Live in the New York City area (surrounding states are fine).

Do you know someone who meets ALL these requirements?  Please email us if you do (YES, you can nominate yourself), or pass this post on so they can respond to the questions.

Send an email that answers the following questions to by Thursday, September 22 at 12 noon EST.

City, State:
Email address:
Why she NEEDS a makeover:
Why she DESERVES a makeover:

As an extension of The Zoe Report’s Q&A feature Ask Rachel, each week the celebrity stylist will answers a burning fashion questions exclusively for Who What Wear and now… Fashion Societé readers!

If you were only going to buy one style of handbag this fall, what would it be and why?

Anytime I am faced with the dilemma of choosing just one option of any particular item—I often encounter this predicament when traveling—my instinct is to always go with the most classic, versatile choice. So if I was going to carry only one handbag all fall, I can say without hesitation that it would definitely be a tote!

While shoulder bags, lady bags, and oversized clutches are also very on-trend this season, a tote, which has always been my #1 arm candy of choice, is the most essential option to accommodate all of your belongings while you’re on-the-go. (New moms take note: they are a fabulous alternative or addition to a diaper bag to stow all of your baby gear!)

Breaking down a few different styles, my top pick would be one that is solid leather, like 3.1 Phillip Lim’s Pashili Satchel, Diane von Furstenberg’s Drew Metallic Tote Bag or even my personally designed Zoe Leather Tote, which I am currently relying on to hold all of my necessities amidst the NYFW mayhem!

Other tote-ally chic options to love include any that incorporate the coveted color-block trend. DKNY shows us how it’s done with their Color-Block Leather Tote, while Pour La Victoire’s Bordeaux Medium Tote and ASOS Color-Block Shopper are equally gorgeous interpretations of the look. Finally, I could never forget to mention a few exotic choices à la Malene Birger’s Reptile Nylon Tote and Nine West’s Island House Large Shopper. What will you be toting around this fall? xo RZ

Fashion Societe and Stylista Shopping Tours present – Sep 23 2011 | Crain’s New York Business

As seen in Crain’s New York today:

Fashion Societe and Stylista Shopping Tours present – Sep 23 2011 | Crain’s New York Business.

Psst! How Do You Feel About Dirty Talk?

Have you checked out our “The Big O” event yet? For live info about your sexual state of mind and where it takes you 😉 please attend!!



It’s next Tuesday night September 13th at 7PM on West 36th Street… a few tickets are still available.  And to warm up for it check out this great find from Glamour:

Psst! How Do You Feel About Dirty Talk? :