Daily Archives: May 23, 2011

Sample a Sample

Always on the hunt for a good deal, Fashion Societe is happy to bring you some upcoming sample sales in the New York City area. Department store sales can be great for basics and everyday wear but a sample sale is the go-to locale for some seriously marked down designer duds. And because a true stylista is not limited to just clothing, this list encompasses jewelry and home decor sales as well (now that’s sensible shopping.) From Stuart Weitzman to Dolce & Gabanna to The Bridal Atelier by Mark Ingram, there is a sale for every girl—and that’s only in June! If you don’t live in New York and aren’t planning on stopping by the Big Apple anytime soon, do a quick internet search for sample sales in your area and you may be surprised at what you find: stylechicago.com offers a great list for all you midwestern stylephiles, la.racked.com has a great round-up of west coast discounts, and dailycandy.com is a favorite in several cities nationwide for shopping info. Buckle down and gear up because it is officially a buyer’s market, ladies.

Style, Certified.

In the world of image consulting, being a certified member of the AICI puts this industry and our clients at an advantage. Not only does the certificate add to the accomplishments of many of Fashion Societe’s team of speakers, it also opens a world of resources to you, the reader/consumer who can benefit from a qualified image expert guiding you to express your highest potential in a) physical appearance, b) behavior (including social skills, stress management, etiquette, cilivity and protocol) and c) communication skill (including body language, relationship-building and conflict resolution).

Like any learning process, pursuing a certification keeps image consultants working towards their full potential and stay competitive within the industry. There are three levels of certification with the AICI—First Level Certification (FLC), Certified Image Professional (CIP), and Certified Image Master (CIM). With an FLC the consultant has met business standards in industry development and technical awareness; as a CIP the consultant has proven that they are well-versed in hands-on training methods and have passed the AICI FLC Test in addition to submitting the AICI CIP Application; a CIM is the most accredited of image consultants and has worked, with verification, over 2,000 annual full-time hours while establishing a sound continuing education track along with acquiring a lineage of professional achievements. With each of these certifications an image consultant is afforded public exposure and professional support while their clients are assured guidance by a competent and trained individual.

Learn more about the certification levels with AICI and how you may begin your road to becoming an image consultant.