Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

Your Must-Have Spring Must-Haves

WWD, one of the premiere fashion resources, has compiled what they deem spring 2011 style essentials.  It’s hard to keep track of trends, new looks, and inspired choices—so thank the fashion gods for this cheat sheet!  While the full list of must-haves is below, Fashion Societe is practically gagging over a few picks in particular.  With a new spectrum of color slowly revealing itself from the shadow of this icy winter, we can’t get enough bright, bold garments in our wardrobe.  Like mixing prints (a rising trend we’ve already blogged about), wearing two or more strong, saturated colors draws the eye in and creates a chic statement.  Play up that emerald green blouse with a pair of spicy orange trousers or emphasize that turquoise circle skirt with a sleek ruby blazer.  And what better way to accentuate a great vivid outfit than with a pair of killer shades?  Look-at-me sunnies have taken the runways and streets by storm and they’ve long been a warm weather essential.  Dare to give sultry stares behind cat eye frames or be your futuristic self with patterned shield glasses.  The heat is here and you are officially smokin’, girl!

Spring Essentials

1.  Colorful separates

2.  Tribal choker

3.  Bold shades

4.  White flares

5.  Bright bag

6.  Coral polish

7.  Snakeskin

8.  Neutral leather jacket