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Transforming an Image Business to Include Dating with Style, Sheila Dicks stays Current… and Successful

A Canadian member that I looked forward to interviewing at the AICI Conference in Orlando Friday May 20th 2011

Sheila Dicks is the founder of Fashion Experts Network.com [FEN] which puts out a weekly eblast that I absolutely love. Razor sharp and tight with practical advice, Sheila knows how to get right to the fashion “nitty gritty”. Her network of AICI industry experts captures the overall direction that women need to such as Do You Look Great in Your Trousers?, Truths About Facwebook, Twitter and Your Body Image,  Would you Like to Look Great Walking in High Heels and Get Your Closet Ready for Fall. What makes her career fulfilling is when a client tells her “you’ve made a difference in my life”.

Originally a company named Sheila’s Fashion Sense, Sheila has smartly evolved to be a dating and style coach. Happily married now for 14 years to a man who still gives her butterflies!, she personally coaches women to go about following defined steps that will lead them to the man of their dreams.

SeveralAICI image consultants have written chapters in My Style, My Way- a book Sheila co-authored which launched January 2011.

Our Fashionable Friends

We spend most of our blogging hours helping the ladies of the universe get in tune with themselves but today we’re taking a step back and putting the men in the spotlight. AICI’s men’s image editor is Brian Lipstein, a stand up style maven who showed a presentation on menswear at the AICI conference today.  During the seminar he outlined the differences between made-to-measure, off-the-rack, and custom or bespoke clothing. Beyond that, he highlighted current trends in men’s suits and some little known facts about certain styles (did you know that the glue used in ready-to-wear suits actually shortens the life span of a suit?). Check back into the AICI site to learn more about Brian, his fellow AICI crew, and the rest of the benefits of having an image consultant at your side.