Monthly Archives: February 2013

Winter Sale: Not Always A Bargain

This winter season, the sales outnumber the snowflakes. With bargain signs 90 saleeverywhere, where do you start? 90% off is a pretty tempting draw. Just remember, regardless of what something costs, how good you look depends mainly on how wisely you choose.
Here are 8 tips to out-smart those sales:
1. Don’t buy anything at 50-70% off if it is not something that you would want at regular price. Exception: If it’s a hot and obvious trend that looks totally fabulous, buy this thrill and enjoy knowing it will have a very limited life.
2. No matter how inexpensive, it is not a great deal if it doesn’t fit with your needs. It will end up being a cheap find stuck in the back of your closet. Save that money and put it towards something you can’t wait to wear.
3. You can’t go wrong with high quality basics from designers that you normally wouldn’t/couldn’t spend the money on.
4. Take garment care into consideration. If it is something you’ll have to dry clean with each and every wear, then your bargain may no longer be a bargain. If it looks inordinately delicate and you are afraid it won’t hold up to cleaning/washing, maybe it is best left in the store. Poor workmanship doesn’t hold up at any price.
5. Is it a flattering color; does it suit your figure or physique; is it the proper length? By the way, these are questions to ask yourself before ANY purchase.
6. Attack the bargain racks like you’re shopping for groceries–with a list of what you actually need for your wardrobe. Advanced tip: What you buy should go with at least 2 pieces you already own.
7. A real steal is a garment you truly need in a color you’ll wear often. Basic colors like grey, beige, brown, navy or black are easy to coordinate with other items and stay in style forever.
8. Try before you buy when the sale price is marked “Final Sale”. Many ultra bargains are not returnable. Don’t spend if you’re not sure.

Despite these tips you’re the proud owner of a new mistake? Swap your unwanted “treasures” with friends who can use them!