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Caring for Your Hair in the Sun and Summer

Maybe we’re a little early in gearing up for summer but with this NYC winter still dragging on, we need something to look forward to—long weekends at the beach, sneaking out from work for lunch at a sidewalk cafe, and catching some rays while shopping (look at us multitaskers go!)  But if there is a second precaution us summer girls must take (the first being sunscreen) it is protecting our tresses from the damages of heat and sun.  So what can you do to keep your locks in their finest form?

1.  Go au naturale and give your hair a day off.  If you color or bleach your hair try laying off for a couple months to let the good oils and moisture build up again (you’ll also achieve the ombre hair look-of-the-moment once your roots grow in a little).  If stopping your color sessions is not an option, try putting down those products and tools instead.  Blowdryers, flat irons, and heavy treatments can damage your hair and weigh it down.  Let loose and fly, girlfriend!

2.  Condition, condition, condition.  The summer sun and humidity strip our hair of all the good juices it needs to stay lustrous and smooth.  So how do you replenish what has been depleted?  With at home conditioning treatments.  Once a week, bring a little life back to your locks with a deep conditioning treatment.  In between these treatments use a leave-in conditioner to maintain moisture and keep your strands protected from all the icky pollution out there.

3.  When in doubt, cover up.  You wouldn’t put your bare skin out in the burning sun without sunscreen now would you?  And would you put your unprotected hair under those same painful rays?  Of course not!  Next time you’re without protection from the sun, throw on a big straw hat and lay back.  Not only will this hat serve double duty in protecting your skin, but it will also keep your hair color intact and your tresses from dehydrating.  Now that’s something to toast a cocktail to!

The Hottest Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

If there is one thing we should all be thankful for it is that our lives got to cross paths with Elizabeth Taylor’s.  Some of you may remember when she was the hot ticket with top-billing in the latest blockbuster, some of you may have grown up with her as she championed the fight against HIV/AIDS, and now thanks to the Huffington Post’s style reel, we can all recall the glamourpuss fashions she was so iconic for.  Since her passing on March 23, there has been an outpour of style memories from her Cleopatra makeup to her ubiquitous White Diamonds perfume.  She was the Angelina before Angelina, the tabloid darling before there were tabloids, the gay rights activist before such a term existed.  And today, in the era of panty-less celebutantes and theatrical get-ups, the understated allure and quiet sexuality of Liz, her style, and those violet eyes remains unparalleled.

Enchante, agnès b.

Though not scientifically proven, we here at Fashion Societe contend that the women of France have what can only be called the “style gene”.  Whether out for a quick bite at the cafe or running down the street to a vintage noir film (we like to think), french ladies have a natural flair for fashion.  So what better way to celebrate Parisian chic than with the new agnès b. store in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood!  In fact, this is a coming home of sorts for the label’s designer, Agnès Troublé, who first opened her namesake boutique on Prince St. in 1980.  Scheduled to debut on April 1 (there better be no fooling us!), this delightfully eclectic brand deepens its stateside roots by paying homage to the local indie art scene. Serving dual purposes as clothier and creative gallery , agnès b.’s new location will feature works by prominent New York artists like Rostarr, Harmony Korine, and Ryan McGinness.  And, in keeping with this downtown art scene, agnès b. will release a limited edition t-shirt collection on display and for sale with the launch of the new store.  Calling all francophiles!—slip into a floral skirt, drape yourself in a pastel cardigan, and head to Howard St. for all the latest wears.  Très chic!

The Cream of the Fashion Crop

Last week, the Council of Fashion Designers of America announced the nominees for their annual awards night.  Headed by CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg and executive director Steven Kolb, the announcement ceremony named fashion big wigs like Lady Gaga, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang among the nominees and honorees to be applauded on June 6.  The sartorial crowd gathered at the DVF studio this past Wednesday night for the announcement party and our minds are already racing with who we want to win categories like womenswear designer of the year and up-and-coming menswear designer.   An A-list guest list meant Anna Wintour, Vera Wang, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were among those rubbing silkened elbows that night.  So, who do you think should win one of these elite style awards?  Check out Vogue UK for a complete list of honorees and nominees.

Goodbye Beach Bum!

image courtesy of Marie Clare

Are you part of the lucky bunch with a warm weather vacation in your plans?  Well, not only are we jealous of your upcoming sun, sand, and surf, we also want to help you find the perfect swimsuit for that oceanside getaway.  And we’ve got partners-in-crime!  The always dependable style experts at Marie Clare recently put their brains together to come up with the perfect guide for beach-goers: “Swimsuits for Every Body Type“.  Petite, curvy, or athletic, there is rock solid advice for every mermaid girl out there; and with some of these tips coming straight from legendary beachwear designer Norma Kamali herself, you’ll want to peel that towel off before you even reach the beach.  Each body type section offers an array of silhouettes and designers to complement your shape and cater to your vacation style.  No matter your price point, Marie Clare and Fashion Societe will make sure you’re a perfect 10 on and off shore.

April Showers Bring… Great Rain Boots!

Marc Jacobs short buckled rain boot

The end of March is always marked by the early rain showers of April; and what better time to mark our lower half with some fashionable (and water repellent!) footwear?  Instead of running around those puddles, slip into some trendy boots and dive right in!  Fashion hot spot Net-a-Porter never fails to showcase the latest in designer wears and right now we’re particularly interested in their short but very sweet rain boot collection.  Girls with traditional tastes should look no further than a pair of grey Wellies (the essential wet weather shoe) while our of-the-moment label lovers can hop and skip through the rain in Marc Jacobs’ short buckled rubber boots.  Whatever your style and whatever your precipitation level, be sure to keep dry… and stay dressed to kill!

Fossil Frenzy

No outfit is ready without the right accessories and what better place to pick up a watch, leather satchel, or great pair of bohemian sunglasses than Fossil’s new pop-up store in downtown New York City.  Equal parts trendy and well-priced, Fossil’s ’70s beach bum vibe is especially felt in their spring and summer collections.  Nab a pair of shoes from their Long Live Vintage line or add a splash of color to your wrist with a teal or peach aluminum watch.  The beauty of this pop-up shop is that beauty never stops coming in!—new items arrive every two weeks and window displays will change over the five months that the store is in place.  Lazy Sunday walks through the city never looked so good.

Visit Fossil’s website for information on their pop-up store and a look at their current accessories.

Beauty, Skin Deep!

Beauty is certainly within but make no mistake—plenty of us want to show a little of that glow off on the outside.  And like the pieces of fine art that we are (yes!), we need a flawless canvas to create.  A smooth, clean face is to your beauty regimen what a good bra is to your low-cut top, what a well-placed pair of Spanx is to your unforgiving bandage dress.  Some of us have good habits that just need to be improved upon while some of us need help finding those good habits (yeah we’re callin’ out all you don’t-take-my-makeup-off-before-I-go-to-bed criminals and don’t-use-sunscreen-everyday bandits).  One of Fashion Societe’s favorite skincare lines and reasons why we go makeup-less is Dermologica USA.  With a full range of cleansers, toners, SPF-packed moisturizers, and masques, it is both comprehensive and customized.  Gentle and with few frills, Dermologica provides simple, easy to maintain regimens with no artificial colors, flowery scents, or cheap fillers.  With product lines for everything from full body skincare to age-related blemishes, you’ll actually look forward to one-on-one time with your bathroom sink.  Still don’t believe us?  Talk to backstage makeup artists and any model-of-the-moment and they’ll tell you that Dermologica has been a longtime fashion standby.  Now, dahling, you’re ready for your closeup.

A Blog Post About a Blog Post

Never one to shy away from a photo op, our founder and style extraordinaire Cathy Berger was recently profiled on Gorgeous, Darling, a like-minded fashion and beauty blog.  Giving its readers the full rundown on Fashion Societé’s multi-faceted seminars, the site reiterates what we’ve always said: women often need a little guidance in the image department.  So pop on by  Gorgeous, Darling and find out what everyone is saying about us!  Log in, leave a comment, and then swing back to Fashion Societé to get the knitty-gritty on our speakers, upcoming classes, and what we can offer you, gorgeous.

Thanks Genny from Gorgeous, Darling!

Fashion Societe with Cathy Berger
Posted by Genny from Gorgeous, Darling! on Mar 7, 2011

Ever wish you could get the same expert beauty and fashion advice given to top models and socialites featured in those glossy magazines? Wait no longer – style entrepreneur Cathy Berger’s company, Fashion Societé, offers a series of ”how-to” seminars in NYC packed with easy-to-execute lessons that teach attendees how to maximize their image and style.

Armed with degrees and years of schooling from LI University, Parsons School of Design, and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Berger has commandeered an A-team of vetted instructors, ranging from Judith Ann Graham, a former Miss New York State affiliated with the Miss America Organization, to David Derex, a glamour photographer who has worked with major celebrities, business scions, and sports figures.

Fashion Societé’s 90-minute look-great, feel-great classes, held in Midtown Manhattan, focus on topics ranging from professional hairstyle advice and body-type analysis to tailoring secrets and choosing the right clothing colors. Among the upcoming seminars are “Lingerie & Lace: A Lesson in Allure” and “6 Steps to Fashionable Fitting the Voluptuous Woman.”

“Our advantage is that we mix science with modern technology to turn regular women into drop-dead dressers exuding current, fresh style,” says Berger. “Learning in-person at Fashion Societé classes are the most effective way to improve your image, plus they’re fun and won’t break the bank,” she says.