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7 No-Fuss Hairstyles

Summer is rounding the final stretch and that means humidity, scorching temperatures, and unruly hair. And while some of us wear our ‘dos close and cropped and in turn, beat this late season heat, there are still plenty of us with long, luscious locks contemplating very, very short haircuts. But hold that thought, damsel in distress, because Self magazine is giving you 7 No-Fuss Hairstyles, one for each day of the week. Keep it tame on Mondays with beachy waves, spice up Thursday with a sleek and easy blowout, and finish your week with Sunday’s low bun. And even though these are great tips for keeping your fresh summer look even on the hottest of days, all of these suggestions work great year round! Now that’s style, sister.

Summer Styles

uncomplicated chic

What is your signature summer style? C’mon, we all have one. Well, if you haven’t figured out what yours is yet, there’s still time! And thanks toThe New York Times Magazine you’ve got some inspiration to help get you there. Maybe you’re a hot weather siren, draped in crimson as the temperature rises. Or are you currently trapped in electric ladyland mixing bright accent with bold garment. Personally, we’re spending this summer both uncomplicated and chic with distressed boyfriend jeans, feminine heels, and blousy tops a la Katie Holmes. Whether you’re ready to change up your style halfway through the season or just need a little motivation to bring this summer home, T magazine has it in their Summer Style article. See ya under the sun, gorgeous.

Homemade Beauty Recipes

With all the great beauty products out there, sometimes we forget that all the necessary ingredients for a mask, exfoliator, moisturizer and more are patiently waiting in our refrigerators! With just a little help from everyday fruits, veggies, and oils, you can have clear, glowing skin at a fraction of the spa cost. And thanks to the internet and our reliable pals at and their article on homemade beauty recipes, you can have an at-home treatment for face, body, and hair. Drugstore remedies can be a nice quick fix but with all natural ingredients you’re guaranteed to be doing good by your skin.

6 Party-Perfect Hairstyle and Dress Combos

hair: Nanette Lepore, fall 2011; dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs

We’re always itchin’ for a little extra advice and what could be better than nearly a week’s worth of hair and dress combinations? Be still our beating fashion heart! doesn’t disappoint with their collection of matching looks and we’re bringing them right to you. Whether parisian prep or total flower girl, summertime is here and there are fashion and beauty ideas aplenty! The best part about this gallery is that it draws from the runway and translates those sometimes wild looks into practical ensembles with all the product haircare details you need. Which combo are we ready to piece together? Twist our hair into a nouveau braid a la Nanette Lepore’s fall 2011 runway and give us a geometric printed dress to drape ourselves in. Now if we only had a party to go to with brightly colored cocktails…

The Right Color for Your Color

What works for a blonde may not work for a brunette… and certainly won’t for a redhead! With so many makeup products and shades out there today, how do we filter through all the eye-popping hues to find the right ones for our hair color? Ever the wiser big sister, Marie Claire magazine once again saves the day. Catering to all budgets and hair colors, this photo article not only gives you the best color advice but also a brief explanation as to why these are the right shades for you—all you redheads will learn that your makeup shouldn’t compete with your vibrant hair, brunettes will finally understand the importance of clean eyebrows, and blondes will stop overpowering their faces with too much color. So put down that shadow brush, set aside that tube of lipstick, and make sure that your makeup is working for you, gorgeous!

Natalie Portman knows the right hairdresser… her taste is DIVINE.

We at Fashion Societé also love scouring the runways of New York and Europe for new hairstyles to try. Here are some of our fall favorites.

Curling Lessons 

Big ringlet curls are a huge trend for fall. That means hot rollers and large curling irons are going to be hot commodities. Keep the curls down near the tips of the hair for the best look.

Pretty Polished   Ladylike hair doesn’t have to be prissy and precious, as evidenced by the styles at Carolina Herrera. All it takes is a great blowout and, yes, a deep side part. Of course, a Carolina gown doesn’t hurt either.

Uptown Girl   Sometimes bigger really is better. And the new twist on the beehive feeds both my updo and Mad Men obsessions. Get ready to tease it high this fall, ladies.

Guido Palau: Hairstylist Supreme – Beauty Industry News from WWD

Guido Palau: Hairstylist Supreme – Beauty Industry and Products News –

Be a Hair Goddess

Remember in the ’90s when you asked your perfectly competent stylist for the “Rachel” cut and yet you looked nothing like Jennifer Aniston?  It is not because your stylist was trying to play a cruel joke on you, but simply because you did not have the correct bone structure, among other elements.

The secret to becoming a “Hair Goddess” lies in understanding what lengths, styles and colors best complement your face shape, personality and skin tone.  Once you have mastered these very important elements of your ideal hairstyle, you will look amazing beyond your wildest dreams!