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Join Us!

Let’s gear up for summer together with Fashion Societe’s upcoming seminars, What’s Your Body Type? and What’s Your Style Type?  Held on Thursday, June 9 at 5:30 and 7:15, respectively, at our W. 36 St. studio in Manhattan, this forum will be equal parts lesson and leisure.  Grab a couple girlfriends and uncover your real shape and how to really fit it!  Led by trained image professionals who are in the business of making you look your best, each seminar is packed with a range of topics to ensure a comprehensive lesson.  Every girl out there wants to look her best but all too often we don’t know where to begin.  The first step is identifying your body type and shape.  From there, you will learn what proportions work for you, what trends to avoid, and how to flatter your figure in every season.  Then hang around for our second event of the night and discover your personal style and how to best convey it.  You may envy that oh-so-stylish woman you see every morning on your way to work but we want to help you make her look your own.  Get the lowdown on how to dress for your body and lifestyle and in no time you’ll be the one giving fashion lessons!  Drop by our website at for more information about these events, past seminars, and more.  Until June, fashionistas.

A Royal Affair

Like much of the world, we’re gearing up for the royal wedding—which is less than 24 hours away!  While the biggest jewelry piece has already been revealed (Princess Di’s pedigree sapphire and diamond engagement ring), tongues are wagging with fantasies of gowns, accessories, and lavish decor.  Insiders say the future Queen of England will be wearing a custom Sophie Cranston dress and judging from the non-traditional road she and Prince William have taken their big day preparations, this won’t be a turtleneck lace ball gown.  We’re envisioning the fair Kate in a sleek dress, sure to accentuate that oh-so tiny waist of hers, with understated by powerful accoutrements .  And what’s royalty without a crown?  There are a bevy of tiaras in play for this occasion and the question is which one will the bride choose?  Some say she’ll be donning Queen Elizabeth’s diamond Russian fringe tiara, made in 1919 for Queen Mary before being passed down to the Queen Mother, the Queen, and Princess Anne for their wedding days.  Not bad for a “commoner”, huh?  So what do you think Kate Middleton will be wearing on her wedding day tomorrow?  And will you be tuning in to watch?

Fashion IQ

It’s Monday and that means heading back into the swing of things—deadlines, meetings, dinner plans, and soccer practices.  Well we’re here to take you out of that grind for a few minutes and put a satin lipstick smile on your face with this personal style quiz.  Put the phone on hold, brew your favorite mocha blend, and throw those killer high heels up for a few minutes of fashion heaven.  Simple, cute, and every shade of fun, this quiz will be a brief but welcomed respite from the Monday blues and the perfect introduction to our upcoming style seminar (details to come at the end of the week!)  The week’s only begun and already you’re lookin’ good.

A Lesson in R&R

Try as we might, sometimes image overhaul is more than we can take on alone.  And sometimes bringing in a little outside help is the smartest way to get the advice you need (why else would you come to us?!)  From hair shaping to coloring, body grooming to skin tanning, the professionals really do know what they’re doing.  Thank the beauty gods for Allure magazine and their years-long running list of the best salons and spas in the biz!  Featuring 13 major cities from east to west coasts, the directory ensures you’ll find the perfect locale near you for a quick mini makeover or an indulgent full body rejuvenation.  Make the most of this experience and ask your hardest beauty questions to the trained staff buzzing about.  Always been curious if your skin was dry, oily, or combination?  What about the right makeup palette for your skin tone?  Or the best skirt length for your body type?  Well don’t be shy—this is what the experts are there for!  After you’ve found the right place to revamp, enjoy the whirlwind of glamour and make sure to take notes!

The Quest to Best Dressed!

Cindy Barshop

We’ve already written a few blog entries on the topic and we’ve also hosted a successful seminar on dressing for your body type.  Now we’ve got another reference for all you ladies out there looking to find the perfect style and fit for your form.  Real Housewives of New York star Cindy Barshop wants you to embrace your shape with a few of her silhouette guidelines.  Busty, boyish, apple, or pear, in this article Cindy gives clear and concise tips on how to accentuate the positives and avoid trend pitfalls (busty girls should not be in babydoll tops!)  From choosing the right undergarments to finishing with the proper outerwear, this mini tutorial takes you from bottom layer to top.  And she isn’t just spewin’ words—Cindy is a whiz at all things beauty thanks to her successful chain of national spas, Completely Bare.  Take a moment and ask yourself, what is my body type?  Then, use Cindy’s advice as a guideline for defining your best assets.  What a difference the right clothes make!  Still think you need a little more practice in this department?  Stop by the Fashion Societé website and learn about our upcoming seminars, body type lessons included!

Beauty in Diversity

Times are changing and thankfully, the beauty industry is changing with them.  Revolutionary hair and skin care line Carol’s Daughter has expanded its marketing to include a multiracial campaign featuring singers Solange (Beyonce’s sister), Cassie, and Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks.  Founder Lisa Price is now catering to the nearly 9 million Americans who categorize themselves as belonging to more than once racial group.  Carol’s Daughter has long stood by its Beauty in Nature mantra, bringing quality products to the full spectrum of women across the country, and now their ad campaign is a visual extension of this methodology.  A mirror to the patchwork ethnic fabric of America, chairman and lead investor, Steve Stoute attests that Carol’s Daughter “will serve as cultural ambassadors in bringing forth this acceptance that the definition of beauty is now colorless”.  And that, ladies, is every shade of fabulous.  Visit Carol’s Daughter online or find a store near you.

Unique New York

If you live in the greater New York City area, get excited because there are two brand new Uniqlo stores coming your way this fall.  The Japanese label, known for their casual, clean lines and quality basics, is expanding beyond its flagship Soho location to Fifth Avenue and Herald Square.  Every season demands foundational clothes to build upon—slacks, skirts, tees, and tanks—and Uniqlo is the go-to store for every layering piece.  Well-made and even better priced, they also teams with elite designers to create fun and alternative day wear.  Not a New Yorker?  Drop by Uniqlo’s online store and you’ll feel just like you’re there!

One Soft Summer


Thief and Bandit braided necklace

In contrast to seasons before, we’re lightening our load this summer and following in ELLE magazine’s footsteps of welcoming soft jewelry into our warm weather repertoire.  While we’ll definitely bring out the costume baubles and heavy hardware for those especially glamorous evenings, the carefree energy of summer has us wanting something more casual for our day-to-day.  Thanks to ELLE magazine and their Summer Accessories reel, we’re able to pinpoint all the soft jewelry items we want—no, need!  From scarf detailing to elastic accents to the grown-up friendship bracelet, this summer we’re harking back to childhood with fun and playful pieces.  Dress your naked wrist in a woven cuff or add a modern leather necklace to your bare neckline.  With an array of sustainable fabrics and textiles—crepe paper, rope, chiffon—this trend is equal parts edgy and environmental.  Gorgeous!


Nail It!

photo courtesy of

The best dressed women pay close attention to detail, head to toe.  That includes accessories, shoes, and one of the best little additions, nails.  With every new season there is a new nail trend and this spring is no different.  We checked in with the fabulous femmes at and they had a few pointers on how to pack the most punch with The New French Manicure.  Seen on the runways of Ruffian, Jason Wu, and The Blonds, the revamped french mani plays with metallic colors and a deeper trim on an almond-shaped nail.  Next time you go to your favorite manicurist have her file your nails into a more oval shape, creating a soft curve at the tip.  Next, instead of going for the typical white trim over pink base, pair a dark color with a brighter shade—wine base with lemon trim, chocolate with powder blue, navy with gold.  Have your manicurist apply the trim so that it follows the deep curve of your newly shaped nail, not straight across like a traditional french mani.  And there you have it!  We can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to glove weather.

Mineral Madness!

Apparently us girls at Fashion Societe aren’t the only ones with opinions on mineral makeup.  After posting our blog the other day, we went hunting for advice and comments from image consultants and real women on creating the freshest face.  What we found were some strong opinions and even stronger advice.  In response to the article “Bare-faced chic”, Cheryl Lampard notes, “I wonder if the women who go bare-faced to work realize that statistics show that women who wear make-up earn more than those who don’t!”  Susan Sommers agrees and adds, “Nothing beats ‘no-makeup makeup’ for work”.  Turns out that the majority of professional women feel more comfortable and confident with a natural look created by subtle makeup.  In fact, commentor Mônica Zionede Hall says a quick internet search found the statistics proving this very point and Dana Lynch cuts to the chase stating “Skipping make-up altogether and rationalizing it is so misguided.  Even women with flawless complexions can benefit from the definition minimal make-up can provide”.  And we couldn’t agree more!  Whether it’s mineral makeup or other beauty mainstays of yours, remember to never lose sight of the enhancing effects a brushstroke or little color can provide.  Take a peak at the article and pay special attention to the comments—you may just uncover your recipe to a natural looking glow!