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The Beauty of a Magnificent Memory… and More About a French Manicure

 By Dr. Shelley Pazer, Director of Learning & Development,
The Learning Rx, Jericho, New York

One of the most dazzling things you can show off is not the latest Sacai Luck leather bomber. Remembering someone’s name and what they last told you is one yellow nailsof the most beautiful things a person will notice about you. If you think you’re stuck with a weak memory – think again. Memory is just one of the many cognitive skills that can be trained, strengthened and enhanced with the right type of mental exercises.

Many memory-building techniques rely on mnemonics, or learning techniques that use things that are easy to remember to represent things that are harder to remember. The human brain more easily recalls information that is personal, emotional or sensual, so assign strong multi-sensory associations to help remember things that are otherwise mundane.

Here’s an example of how this technique could work for a grocery list. Start with four items: bacon, toilet paper, eggs and lettuce. To link them in a memorable way, picture a sizzling strip of dancing blue bacon joyfully dripping hot grease onto the next item on your list – toilet paper. The animated toilet paper roll is in agony. He’s burned all the way through and is desperately trying to patch himself up with egg whites. Stuck in the gooey mess of broken shells is an angry head of lettuce who’s trying to escape before her leaves wilt. If you can’t quite hold on to that image – build upon it with silly details until you can. Make the lettuce a Southern Belle with a nasal twang who’s irate because her new French Manicure is covered in egg yolks.