Daily Archives: May 25, 2011

Fashionably Good

It isn’t just about looking the part, ladies, it’s also about playing it. And there is no woman more stunning, jaw-dropping, and utterly divine than the one who gives back to her community. Though its coming to a close, May is International Civility Awareness Month and a great opportunity for all you worker bees to get out there and do good. AICI is not only a great resource for image consultation but it is also a true supporter of philanthropy and civility. In fact, in honor of this month, AICI has continued its Civility Counts Project, “a multi-faceted long-term initiative aimed at gaining international support” for altruism that was kick started in 2009. Through this program AICI members are provided tools and training to help them foster a philanthropic extension of their business. Moreover, the Civility Counts Project welcomes an international scope and thus, promotes outreach both near and far from home. Got a little do-gooder in you? Be your beautiful self and learn how you can join AICI on its mission.

Giving back is gorgeous, ain’t it?