Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

Kickstart Your Style!

Style is so much more than expensive clothes and of-the-moment trends. Style is an extension of you, a representation of you… and a damn good excuse to look good! And while some people find their personal style all on their own, others need a little guidance to get them there. Well, look no further than Fashion Societe for that shoulder to lean on. Our much-anticipated upcoming seminar, What’s Your Style Type, is sure to give you all the direction you need in uncovering your own unique flair. With an esteemed set of image consultants leading this structured, high energy forum, you will find your style while considering lifestyle, color palette, and body shape. In anticipation for this event, take a minute to check out 10 Easy Ways to Transform Your Style by fashionindie.com. Whether you’re in a style rut or need a starting point, this article is sure to give you some great ideas on how to reinvent your look and kickstart your style. And don’t forget to check out our site for the knitty-gritty on What’s Your Style Type? and more!