Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Glossy Girls Reign Supreme

Summer heat waves are a beachgoer’s best friend… and a beauty maven’s worst enemy. Runny mascara, streaky foundation, these are just a few of the warm weather disasters a girl can experience. Thankfully, however, our pals at refinery29 have compiled a list of the best glosses for these next few months. Not only are glossed lips the perfect visual complement to sticky summer days, but they also protect that delicate skin of yours from the sun’s harmful rays. Pucker up with a feminine nude hue for a sexy and subdued look or embrace coral, an all-time favorite seasonal shade. Featuring high-end makeup lines such as YSL and Givenchy, this list makes sure to cover all price points with glossy products from Target and your local drugstore, too. Don’t let the sun, surf, and sweat wipe you clean of your dolled-up face this year, gorgeous. Instead, check out refinery29’s list for some tips on keeping your kisser camera ready this summer.