Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

The Experts at Work

We’re new millennium girls and time is a thing of the past—who’s got it anymore? From deadlines to dinner dates, carpools to  cooking, you’re lucky if you get in a few hours of sleep along the way! So who can sit down and sift through magazine after magazine, blog after blog to find the best style advice around? Not you and not us, honey. But what would life be like—busy or not—without friends? Some of our best dressed gal pals run a diverse fashion reference site called fashionexpertsnetwork.com. Gathering, you guessed it, a range of industry experts to provide concise, comprehensive tips on style and fashion, this website should be every stylista’s bible. And this spring they’ve put their heads together to create 7 Fashion & Beauty Tips for Busy Women, the perfect answer to our relentless question. This quick, one-stop shop is not only full of basic (but worthwhile!) tips like preparation and a great attitude, but doesn’t fail to explore other facets of style like get a great hairstyle and don’t forget to wear makeup, too. So all you busy bees out there, if you can get away from your desk/kids/errands for one minute, use it to absorb this advice from the best of the best. Your renewed self will be proud.