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“Sparky” made my day – and I hope it lasts~

Helice “Sparky” Bridges is a renowned speaker and advocate for children’s rights, known also as the “First Lady of Acknowledgement”. Difference Makers International is the nonprofit educational organization that she founded, which values all people for their unique talents and empowers them to reach their true potential. She has sat on panels with Al Gore, Neil Armstrong, and the Dalai Lama. She is well known for her contribution to the Chicken Soup book.

A unique fun way to bring out the beauty in people in a minute or less was the subject of this morning’s general session called “Bringing Out the Best in Everyone”. Make sure you ask their permission to touch them. If you give them a blue ribbon, give them 2 extra so that they can “pay it forward”.
The fun part in the introduction was when she had the entire room says aloud “I can change a life in a minute or less – – – YES”. “I’m not here just to make a living- I’m here to make a difference” she says (and owns).

Would you like to “honor” anyone that has made a difference in your life? You have NO idea how good it will feel- to BOTH of you. It starts when you connect to them with your eyes. Here are her 10 steps to achieve this:
1. pay more attention to the other person- not to yourself.
2. make people feel safe where ever they are
3. breathe in breathe out
4. ask for what you want
5. bing it! (in her book; hint hint)
6. pay it forward
7. tell the truth
8. read and believe the ribbon which says “Who I am makes a difference”
9. always see the good in everyone when you look at the blue ribbon and
10. reach out in a quiet way with another human being- – in silence!

The video showing a teacher telling her high school students about this had me literally in tears- it was so moving. I encourage you to discover it for yourself as mere words cannot have the impact that the video has: http://www.makeadifference.com.

Met these 2 lovely sisters from Russia who are attending the AICI conference for the first time

First night that the Exhibitor Hall opened, I met up with attendees Yulya Petrova and Alina Akhmetianova from St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. They are both very excited to be here. These 2 beautiful sisters have been to the States before- even to Orlando- but this is the first time to attend an AICI conference.

Yulya Petrova studied intensively with Karen Brunger through her online education courses at the International Image Institute. Later on Yulya followed that with a 3 month course back in Russia. The classes took place twice a week for 3 months. Her studies were private, costly, but worth it. She has pursued a dream since childhood to make women beautiful, and now has a career that includes wardrobe consulting, color analysis, makeup application and body-typing. Alina also has achieved a high education and supports her sister as the assistant in the business which is aptly named Elite Image Consulting”.

Designers from the United States captivate both sisters; they named Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, and Marc Jacobs as names of favorite clothing lines- neglecting any from their local area.