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Another Viewpoint: Are cargo pants in or over for the fall? If they are passe, is there something that has replaced them?

Many of us are thrilled to know that the military trend is marching right into fall, and that includes cargo pants. Whether you bought a pair of skinny cargo pants or a silky relaxed pair this past summer, or are interested in investing in a few new pairs for fall and winter, there are several fresh ways to wear them this season.

Try pairing skinny cargo pants with a draped tank or t-shirt and a strong blazer. Finish the look with ankle booties or a platform pump. If you prefer a looser fitting cargo, look for one in a slinky knit or silky fabric which gives them a dressier appearance. Pair it with a slim fitting top and a this season’s must-have desert boot or lace-up bootie for a modern military look for fall.

What are your thoughts: Do you love skinny cargos or wish they would go away? Have you found a pair that fits and flatters?

Here’s a blog post by Sara Cornell of The Fashionable Housewife, that I found very interesting despite the fact that I honestly disagree with it:

Skinny Cargos are a fashion trend that I’m having a hard time embracing.  I have tried to love the taupe colors, experimented with different shades, tan hands and pale hands, and I still think that taupe nails make one look like they slammed their hand in a car door and ended up with bruises on their fingers.  In theory, skinny cargos should work.  Skinny jeans – love ‘em.  Cargo pants – a fun a functional part of any wardrobe.  But together…meh.  The problem with skinny cargos is that they combine two the the most feared fashion components of any woman’s wardrobe:  making your legs look short and heavy.

Readers: What do you think??