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Decisions: Boardroom vs. Bedroom Four Essential Points of Style for Men circa 2014

by Cathy Berger, Fashion SocieteWhat style changes lie ahead for 2014? The return to cuffed pants.

Nowadays both sexes firmly count themselves as Decision-Makers. Not all 21st century norms have been overturned as more often its men commanding a boardroom while women remain with ultimate say in the bedroom.  Males continue to dominate the tech and construction industries, while females are gaining ground in engineering and finance. Universally, “dressing for success” has been talked up, over, and inside out.

Boardroom attire for both sexes has evolved constructively, while Victoria’s Secret has caused bedroom attire to become virtually mainstream.  Yet ladies alone have a unique luxury of wardrobe choice where men don’t – skirts and dresses can substitute for pants! Men—metrosexuals, college students, urban guerillas and high-powered corporate execs- have one sartorial option and one alone: all pants, all the time. So it would behoove guys to get the details right, right?

The secret to a proper look for any man is attention to pants in relation to shoes. Starting with the cut at the top, to the color of the fabric to the cuffs at the bottom-  details must be coordinated with the shoes.  Here are 4 of the more pertinent points, because as you know, gentlemen, females are watching:

1.  Jeans – look best when worn with boots or sneakers or casual loafers. The hem should cover the back heel and you should not be able to see the socks (if worn at all).

2.  Chinos – best worn with edgy (not gym) sneakers and should hang quite long over your shoe.

3. Flat-front waists— wear them.  Despite what you think, pleats make you look bigger and cue the world you are out-of-style.

4. What style change lies ahead for 2014? The return of cuffed slacks. “A good trouser is cut to sit properly on a shoe. Precise, clean, sharp.” says Duncan Quinn, a British bespoke owner with shops in New York and Los Angeles who prefers a “turnup”, which is the English term for cuff. Furthermore, Alex Young, the suiting director at NYC’s Freemans Sporting Club Bespoke Studio and self-described “ambassador of cuffs,” says hip men are “cuffing” up. It’s not just a pointless flourish, he states, as a cuff adds weight, anchoring the hem and creating a cleaner drape.

mens pant lengthsRegardless of whether you buy off-the-rack or via bespoke, note these points:

  1. Cuffed Suit Pants – should be worn with classic, clean line shoes, nothing casual or thick-soled. Wear with a sharp crease down the front; let them cover and sit on top of the shoe.
  2. Un-cuffed Suit Pants – can be worn with classic, somewhat casual yet current shoes and the hem should come down a little further than with cuffed suit pants and allow for a small break.

With a new year in motion, what better time to “get it right” by starting at the bottom and working your way up! Decisions, decisions, decisions……. ~

Caring for Your Hair in the Sun and Summer

Maybe we’re a little early in gearing up for summer but with this NYC winter still dragging on, we need something to look forward to—long weekends at the beach, sneaking out from work for lunch at a sidewalk cafe, and catching some rays while shopping (look at us multitaskers go!)  But if there is a second precaution us summer girls must take (the first being sunscreen) it is protecting our tresses from the damages of heat and sun.  So what can you do to keep your locks in their finest form?

1.  Go au naturale and give your hair a day off.  If you color or bleach your hair try laying off for a couple months to let the good oils and moisture build up again (you’ll also achieve the ombre hair look-of-the-moment once your roots grow in a little).  If stopping your color sessions is not an option, try putting down those products and tools instead.  Blowdryers, flat irons, and heavy treatments can damage your hair and weigh it down.  Let loose and fly, girlfriend!

2.  Condition, condition, condition.  The summer sun and humidity strip our hair of all the good juices it needs to stay lustrous and smooth.  So how do you replenish what has been depleted?  With at home conditioning treatments.  Once a week, bring a little life back to your locks with a deep conditioning treatment.  In between these treatments use a leave-in conditioner to maintain moisture and keep your strands protected from all the icky pollution out there.

3.  When in doubt, cover up.  You wouldn’t put your bare skin out in the burning sun without sunscreen now would you?  And would you put your unprotected hair under those same painful rays?  Of course not!  Next time you’re without protection from the sun, throw on a big straw hat and lay back.  Not only will this hat serve double duty in protecting your skin, but it will also keep your hair color intact and your tresses from dehydrating.  Now that’s something to toast a cocktail to!

Goodbye Beach Bum!

image courtesy of Marie Clare

Are you part of the lucky bunch with a warm weather vacation in your plans?  Well, not only are we jealous of your upcoming sun, sand, and surf, we also want to help you find the perfect swimsuit for that oceanside getaway.  And we’ve got partners-in-crime!  The always dependable style experts at Marie Clare recently put their brains together to come up with the perfect guide for beach-goers: “Swimsuits for Every Body Type“.  Petite, curvy, or athletic, there is rock solid advice for every mermaid girl out there; and with some of these tips coming straight from legendary beachwear designer Norma Kamali herself, you’ll want to peel that towel off before you even reach the beach.  Each body type section offers an array of silhouettes and designers to complement your shape and cater to your vacation style.  No matter your price point, Marie Clare and Fashion Societe will make sure you’re a perfect 10 on and off shore.

Club Monaco’s Summer Preview

Club Monaco Summer 2011, fashionista.com
While everyone is focused on spring fashion, we feel it’s time to start putting our feelers out for summer styles. Club Monaco has some fresh new looks that include a mix of different fashion trends.

Caroline Belhumeur who is the brand senior vice president of women’s design says that July will keep the sixties with looks that are “very naive and simple.” (WWD.com) A more contemporary take will occur once August and September comes around with breezy lightweight fabrics in neutral tones and pencil skirts with leather detailed pockets for some edge. September brings sexy miniskirts with fur trimmed coats and burned out tees in soft satin.

For the men, we will see chinos in a slim fit and shorter cut blazers in July, and as the summer roars on the clothing will take a different stroll with “indian madras” that include denim jackets and ripped chinos, a sense of preppy grunge. Soft sweaters made out of mohair along with corduroy pants will be the look for the start of autumn along with relaxed wool blazers that match just about everything.

Coming Home To Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg Home, Bloomingdales.com

Can’t get enough of Diane von Furstenberg? Well now you can sleep with her, well sort of. Bloomingdales is selling the designer’s latest creation, Diane von Furstenberg Home. The one who is so well known for the wrap dress will now be known for everything from bedding to bakeware. While she has done some previous home inspirations prior, this is initially DVF’s first debut line for home decor. And our first post about something you can’t wear on your body.

Bloomingdales shoppers can expect to see bright, bold patterns of DVF’s signature clothing on items like plates, cups, cheese platters, duvet covers and porcelain.

“It’s different. It’s got color. There’s a lot going on,” Bloomingdale’s chairman and chief executive officer Michael Gould said. “We have been a partner with Diane for close to 40 years. Her DNA and our DNA are very similar.” (WWD)  FS agrees.

Hello Bright Eyes

Bernhard Wilhelm Mykita Sunglasses
Color is all around and for spring its no different, especially when it comes to your eyewear. We have been seeing some vibrant hues being sported with some pretty cool looking frames like the latest styles from Escada and Thierry Lasry, which both have the cat eye style. These shades are cool with the 50’s inspired vibe but the bold colors of reds, yellows and greens make them fresh and fun especially when the warm weather hits.

Other designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Vera Wang are bringing in the pastel shades with their wire frame aviator styles. The lens colors are soft but noticeable in shades of golds, purples and blues.

Spring is all about color and wearing sunglasses is the easiest way to achieve it. Simply put on a pair of transparent frames with a bold lens and you are ready to hit the streets in style. A perfect addition to your super cool outfit for Fashion Week might we add?

Ralph Lauren’s New Take on Denim

Ralph Lauren Denim02, WWD.com
Denim never looked so good. Ralph Lauren just recently created a new line, Collection Denim and there is nothing ordinary about it. The new luxury denim line includes more than just jeans, although that does make up for a lot of it. The collection features not only “super skinny jeans” but also leggings, trench coats and tuxedo jackets–yes all made out of denim.

Of course there are other items in there as well that aren’t denim-made like tuxedo blouses and shearling vests. These pieces are simply put in there to actively achieve the overall glam style that Lauren definitely knows how to pull off.

Sure, we see denim all the time, but this collection is so much more. There are cargo pocket and button details on the jeans and the jackets are coated to have a smooth look of make believe lush leather.

You will be able to get your hands on these fancy new duds coming this July, with prices ranging from $300 to $2,000.

“You see jeans for kids, but you don’t see them for women who want something more sophisticated,” Ralph Lauren said. “I thought there is a woman out there who wants to wear denim. Denim is not the newest thing in town, so the question is, what’s new?” he said, scanning the lineup. “This looks new. I think it’s a real new category. I was very excited about this category, because I feel that it hasn’t been done before.” (WWD.com)

What are your thoughts: Do you love skinny cargos or wish they would go away? Have you found a pair that fits and flatters?

Here’s a blog post by Sara Cornell of The Fashionable Housewife, that I found very interesting despite the fact that I honestly disagree with it:

Skinny Cargos are a fashion trend that I’m having a hard time embracing.  I have tried to love the taupe colors, experimented with different shades, tan hands and pale hands, and I still think that taupe nails make one look like they slammed their hand in a car door and ended up with bruises on their fingers.  In theory, skinny cargos should work.  Skinny jeans – love ‘em.  Cargo pants – a fun a functional part of any wardrobe.  But together…meh.  The problem with skinny cargos is that they combine two the the most feared fashion components of any woman’s wardrobe:  making your legs look short and heavy.

Readers: What do you think??