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7 No-Fuss Hairstyles

Summer is rounding the final stretch and that means humidity, scorching temperatures, and unruly hair. And while some of us wear our ‘dos close and cropped and in turn, beat this late season heat, there are still plenty of us with long, luscious locks contemplating very, very short haircuts. But hold that thought, damsel in distress, because Self magazine is giving you 7 No-Fuss Hairstyles, one for each day of the week. Keep it tame on Mondays with beachy waves, spice up Thursday with a sleek and easy blowout, and finish your week with Sunday’s low bun. And even though these are great tips for keeping your fresh summer look even on the hottest of days, all of these suggestions work great year round! Now that’s style, sister.

The Best Bras for Your Bare Shoulders

Not every bra works with every top and there is nothing worse than spending your days correcting exposed straps. What hides beneath a tee-shirt doesn’t beneath a halter and we know we’re not the only ones asking what to do. The lovely ladies at Self magazine have heard our collective prayers and in turn, have bestowed upon us this guide, The Best Bras for Shoulder-Baring Tops. Dying to wear that new one-shoulder dress for a night of fine dining? What about that racerback tank for weekend shopping with the girls? With clear, simple images of both the tops you can’t wait to wear and the bras that Self suggests, this manual will make dressing utterly foolproof—find out when you should opt for a strapless bra over a bustier and if convertible bras really live up to all the hype. Remember, every layer counts!