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Nailin’ It

No look is complete without special attention to details: the soft tendril edging your neck, an encrusted broach perched on your lapel, a patterned sock peeking out from beneath your pants. And if you ask us, a well maintained set of nails is the ultimate final touch. Thanks to some innovations in the nail world, us girls no longer have to tirelessly paint and paint (and chip and repaint!) our fingers’ ends. Nail art is moving forward, people! Guestofaguest.com recently featured some fresh developments in the nail design field and we’re positively bursting to share these ideas with you. From python nail tattoos to do-it-yourself lace overlays to the hottest moon mani you’ve ever seen off the runway, this article is choc-full of summer tips for your tips. Take a peek at this video to see how to create your own snake-charmed nails and stop by The Nail File: Nail Trends for the Summer to get full rundown.

Nail It!

photo courtesy of stylist.com

The best dressed women pay close attention to detail, head to toe.  That includes accessories, shoes, and one of the best little additions, nails.  With every new season there is a new nail trend and this spring is no different.  We checked in with the fabulous femmes at stylist.com and they had a few pointers on how to pack the most punch with The New French Manicure.  Seen on the runways of Ruffian, Jason Wu, and The Blonds, the revamped french mani plays with metallic colors and a deeper trim on an almond-shaped nail.  Next time you go to your favorite manicurist have her file your nails into a more oval shape, creating a soft curve at the tip.  Next, instead of going for the typical white trim over pink base, pair a dark color with a brighter shade—wine base with lemon trim, chocolate with powder blue, navy with gold.  Have your manicurist apply the trim so that it follows the deep curve of your newly shaped nail, not straight across like a traditional french mani.  And there you have it!  We can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to glove weather.