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Mineral Madness!

Apparently us girls at Fashion Societe aren’t the only ones with opinions on mineral makeup.  After posting our blog the other day, we went hunting for advice and comments from image consultants and real women on creating the freshest face.  What we found were some strong opinions and even stronger advice.  In response to the article “Bare-faced chic”, Cheryl Lampard notes, “I wonder if the women who go bare-faced to work realize that statistics show that women who wear make-up earn more than those who don’t!”  Susan Sommers agrees and adds, “Nothing beats ‘no-makeup makeup’ for work”.  Turns out that the majority of professional women feel more comfortable and confident with a natural look created by subtle makeup.  In fact, commentor Mônica Zionede Hall says a quick internet search found the statistics proving this very point and Dana Lynch cuts to the chase stating “Skipping make-up altogether and rationalizing it is so misguided.  Even women with flawless complexions can benefit from the definition minimal make-up can provide”.  And we couldn’t agree more!  Whether it’s mineral makeup or other beauty mainstays of yours, remember to never lose sight of the enhancing effects a brushstroke or little color can provide.  Take a peak at the article and pay special attention to the comments—you may just uncover your recipe to a natural looking glow!

Wake Up With Mineral Makeup

Most of us have heard the rave reviews about mineral makeup over the years—the sheer coverage, the silkening effect, and the weightless appeal.  But does it really live up to all the hype?  The makeup mavens over at makeup-artist-world.com have convinced us so!  Their comprehensive and insightful article on mineral makeup hasturned us into true believers… and we’re ready for you to join us.  Whether you have oily, dry, mature, or sensitive skin, these makeup artists have a slice of advice for you.  The bottom line when it comes to this type of foundation or any kind of makeup?  “Quality and ingredients” they remind us.  So take a minute, read the article, and save yourself and your summer makeup from running around town (and all over your face!) looking for the best brand.