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Cruise 2011 Swimwear

The latest swimwear collections took inspiration from the splash of the Jersey Shore, the retro glamour of Sixties Las Vegas and the futuristic flash of superheroes, all to be on display at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim July 15-19 and SwimShow 2011 in Miami July 17-20. 

Amazing look and when I perfect ever square millimeter of my body (uhhmmm I wish) then I would LOVE to wear this… Who is already there?? (send  only 1st name and  photo)

Find Confidence, Find Yourself

Confidence is a critical and timeless attribute that women have struggled with for not only decades, but centuries.  How a woman feels about herself can affect her health, relationships, career and pretty much any and every other aspect of her life.  For example, a woman who does not think she is worth being loved by a man will end up with men who do not really love or respect her.  In fact, most abusive relationships are a result of low confidence.

How can someone gain confidence?  There are many practices that can help raise your sense of self worth.  Update your wardrobe and get a sexy new haircut.  Once you see how beautiful you can appear to others, you will start to believe it yourself, thus making yourself even more attractive to others.  This is an infinite cycle.  Aside from physical improvements, be sure to complement yourself every day.  Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are.  Maybe you have the ability to make people laugh, or perhaps you are a brilliant painter.  While you may feel silly talking to yourself, this is a very simple trick that works wonders.

Now that you have convinced yourself that you really are fabulous, don’t be afraid to show it off.  Though it may seem a bit vain at first, a glamour photo shoot of yourself is the ultimate treat.  Make yourself feel like a star.  You are beautiful enough to be photographed in a highly indulgent fashion.