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Fashionably Good

It isn’t just about looking the part, ladies, it’s also about playing it. And there is no woman more stunning, jaw-dropping, and utterly divine than the one who gives back to her community. Though its coming to a close, May is International Civility Awareness Month and a great opportunity for all you worker bees to get out there and do good. AICI is not only a great resource for image consultation but it is also a true supporter of philanthropy and civility. In fact, in honor of this month, AICI has continued its Civility Counts Project, “a multi-faceted long-term initiative aimed at gaining international support” for altruism that was kick started in 2009. Through this program AICI members are provided tools and training to help them foster a philanthropic extension of their business. Moreover, the Civility Counts Project welcomes an international scope and thus, promotes outreach both near and far from home. Got a little do-gooder in you? Be your beautiful self and learn how you can join AICI on its mission.

Giving back is gorgeous, ain’t it?

Style, Certified.

In the world of image consulting, being a certified member of the AICI puts this industry and our clients at an advantage. Not only does the certificate add to the accomplishments of many of Fashion Societe’s team of speakers, it also opens a world of resources to you, the reader/consumer who can benefit from a qualified image expert guiding you to express your highest potential in a) physical appearance, b) behavior (including social skills, stress management, etiquette, cilivity and protocol) and c) communication skill (including body language, relationship-building and conflict resolution).

Like any learning process, pursuing a certification keeps image consultants working towards their full potential and stay competitive within the industry. There are three levels of certification with the AICI—First Level Certification (FLC), Certified Image Professional (CIP), and Certified Image Master (CIM). With an FLC the consultant has met business standards in industry development and technical awareness; as a CIP the consultant has proven that they are well-versed in hands-on training methods and have passed the AICI FLC Test in addition to submitting the AICI CIP Application; a CIM is the most accredited of image consultants and has worked, with verification, over 2,000 annual full-time hours while establishing a sound continuing education track along with acquiring a lineage of professional achievements. With each of these certifications an image consultant is afforded public exposure and professional support while their clients are assured guidance by a competent and trained individual.

Learn more about the certification levels with AICI and how you may begin your road to becoming an image consultant.

Our Fashionable Friends

We spend most of our blogging hours helping the ladies of the universe get in tune with themselves but today we’re taking a step back and putting the men in the spotlight. AICI’s men’s image editor is Brian Lipstein, a stand up style maven who showed a presentation on menswear at the AICI conference today.  During the seminar he outlined the differences between made-to-measure, off-the-rack, and custom or bespoke clothing. Beyond that, he highlighted current trends in men’s suits and some little known facts about certain styles (did you know that the glue used in ready-to-wear suits actually shortens the life span of a suit?). Check back into the AICI site to learn more about Brian, his fellow AICI crew, and the rest of the benefits of having an image consultant at your side.

Conference of Champions

As we mentioned earlier, Fashion Societe will be in Orlando this weekend for the Association of Image Consultants’ annual conference. And while we don’t want to make anyone jealous of our work day (sunny Florida with some of the best in the biz!), we would like to tell you a little more about what we’ll be doing today through Sunday. Hosted by leading image consultants across the country, this forum reaches out to all levels of business with instruction in technical skills, media training, and leadership development. For conference veterans like us, this is an opportunity to brush up on our skills and touch base with our like-minded peers. For newcomers this conference is a gateway to professional networking, industry guidance, and public outreach. Fashion Societe is looking forward to meeting up with old friends, securing new contacts, and receiving some of the most tailored (literally and figuratively!) training around. Go ahead, be jealous, darling.

Image Consultants International

Okay, you may think we were just born with fashion know-how but in reality, we’ve worked hard to get where we are and with all the information we are proud to have. Today, we are well-heeled members of AICI, Association of Image Consulting International, the premier collective of image consultants across the world, and can credit much of our expertise to learning and developing within this organization. We’re headed down to Florida for AICI’s conference this weekend and with them in mind, we want to bring some of what they do directly to you. With a commitment to improving appearance, behavior, and communication in personal and professional settings, AICI boasts a range of image consultants ready to help you amp up your image and self-esteem. One quick glance at their website and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t had an image consultation yet! From structured seminars to one-on-one tutorials, AICI is a sure-fire way to change not only how others see you, but also how you see yourself. With a helpful link to finding an image consultant near you, you’ll be looking and feeling your best in no time.