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Chelsea’s Favorite Wedding Memories…

Chelsea's Gay Wedding Planner

Now that the wedding is over, be it the toniest, most high-profile and exquisite wedding imaginable or a budget-conscious DIY affair at the local lodge, when the Champagne flutes are long put away, the cake a gluten-free memory and fatigued dancing feet long soothed, all that’s left (apart from, one hopes, a sound marriage) are the pictures. Moral: a girl’s got to love her dress.  And as for the men? Clinton and Mezvinsky’s good friend Christopher Bailey of Burberry was proud to suite them up, and did the honors with the shirts and ties for Bill Clinton and the groomsmen.

By now anyone with a pulse and an Internet connection has seen the photo of Chelsea on the arm of her father, Bill Clinton, a shot that offers the best full-length view of her dress. Many of us would also love to see her lineup of lavender-clad bridesmaids as well as the children rumored to have been members of the wedding. And, oh yes, a good look at Hillary’s Oscar de la Renta gown, its Italian organza in a high-drama ombréd range from magenta to pale pink. At press time, those photos remained off-limits. While the extreme pre-nup discretion is understandable, who knows why the continued veil of secrecy? It’s unlikely they’ve sold the rights to People.

No matter. We’ve all gotten our wedding fix, not of the year/decade/century/Millennium, but of the moment, at least until the next marital megamerger comes along. (Three words: William and Kate). For now, everyone seems genuinely happy for Chelsea and Marc. Perhaps happiest of all, aside from the newlyweds themselves? That would be Robert Huth, president and chief executive officer of David’s Bridal, Vera’s new mate, professionally speaking. Will their union result in an under $1,200 take on Chelsea’s dress? No. Nor would Vera attempt to knock herself off so precisely.

But when your cousin Kelly gets married next spring, don’t be surprised if she swans down the aisle in a strapless dress with an artfully souped-up, swirly skirt.