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Perseverance: NYC Mom Moguls Discuss Life as Working Mothers

By Sara Anne Fingerman, Arts and Entertainment Writer,

Balancing motherhood and marriage, social life and the school play, a femaleowned business and finger painting doesn’t have to be a struggle.  It can be achieved with a little patience, organization, and ease, while still looking and feeling fabulous.

mom mogul pictureDesigner Rebecca Minkoff, Gilt Groupe’s Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, celeb stylist June Ambrose, jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher and style and beauty expert, Mary Alice Stephenson, actress and fashion icon Veronica Webb were among the panelists at the May 7 First Annual Mom Mogul Breakfast hosted by founder Lyss Stern and More Magazine’s Sabine Feldman at Restaurant Bond 45 in Midtown Manhattan.

Panelists helped share their secret to success.  Here are a few that stood out:

Best known for her handbags, Rebecca Minkoff wanted a fancy designer dress when she was a little girl. Her mother gave her a needle and thread and encouraged her to sew one herself.  Rebecca’s mother offered her the gift of independence, which resulted in a successful brand. Minkoff told attendees to “take time to stop and smell the roses and everything will come into place”.

If you are a working mom struggling to get the kids out on time, celebrity stylist June Ambrose suggests meditation. “Wake before the Quake”, wake up an hour before your children (and have some time on your own!).  Not only will you feel wonderful, but also your children will see a more relaxed, readytogo mom.

Stern asked panelists what advice they would give to moms who are aspiring to launch their own businesses. Jennifer Fisher, jewelry designer said, “ Just do it, you never know how it’s going to go unless you try. Who cares if you make mistakes? Just try!” Fisher started her business out of her bedroom selling jewelry and turned her side business into an empire. Her jewelry has been worn in many feature films and hit television shows and movies.

Model and actress Veronica Webb told attendees to take time to do nothing. Cuddle time with your children is important. They need to feel loved and you need to bond with your children as well.