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Another Viewpoint: Are cargo pants in or over for the fall? If they are passe, is there something that has replaced them?

Many of us are thrilled to know that the military trend is marching right into fall, and that includes cargo pants. Whether you bought a pair of skinny cargo pants or a silky relaxed pair this past summer, or are interested in investing in a few new pairs for fall and winter, there are several fresh ways to wear them this season.

Try pairing skinny cargo pants with a draped tank or t-shirt and a strong blazer. Finish the look with ankle booties or a platform pump. If you prefer a looser fitting cargo, look for one in a slinky knit or silky fabric which gives them a dressier appearance. Pair it with a slim fitting top and a this season’s must-have desert boot or lace-up bootie for a modern military look for fall.

Fact: Those “to-die-for” High Heels May Alter Anatomy

(HealthDay News) — High heels may turn heads, but new research shows the long-term cost of wearing them is even steeper than the sky-high price tag of some coveted brands.

  • High heels do put stress on the back and knees. Squeezing into high heels with narrow toe boxes can cause a condition called Morton’s neuroma, a painful thickening of tissue between the third and fourth toes.

Another horror- “Haglund’s deformity”, sometimes called the “pump bump,” occurs when back straps of heels dig into the tissue around the Achilles tendon. Too-tight shoes can bring on bunions, an enlargement of bone or tissue at the base of the big toe that pushes the big toe toward the second toe.

  • Pointy shoes can worsen hammertoe by forcing the toes to bend at the middle joints, eventually causing them to stay bent and rigid even when barefoot.
  • And then there are those uneven-sidewalk wipeouts that lead to ankle sprains and breaks.

The fix for many of these conditions, podiatrists said, may come as bad news for those emulating “Sex and the City” fashionista Carrie Bradshaw: Box up your stilettos and wear more sensible footwear. 

That’s what podiatrists say. To that I say, BOO HOOOOO.  Put a pair of flats in your bag and definitely use them for extended walks.  But nothing changes your look, your attitude, a bystander’s glance… like a pair of sexy high heels.

Black hedges, a little boy, and why Chanel is worth it

Upon entering the Grand Palais on Tuesday morning, the look and feel of Karl Lagerfeld’s set for Chanel was of a French formal garden. Model after model entered and strolled around the black hedges as through on promenade at the Tuileries.

At the other end of this time spectrum, a tiny blond boy walked in the show, grasping the hand of a male model, each of them wearing a white Chanel jacket. The child gazed in amazement at the sprawling space full of people. One can only imagine what that memory will be like for him years from now.

In his collection, Mr. Lagerfeld took the season’s preoccupation with lace to the couture level. Skirts and dresses were made of laces of many textures — most intriguingly, some with a cubist pattern that reminded me of shattered glass.

A series of suits of traditional Chanel tweed suits were formed by stitching together horizontal ribbons of the fabric, creating another lovely shattered look. These textiles and manufacturing methods are the reason Chanel clothes cost the moon.

Newsday announced our “Forward to Fashion” Event tomorrow at Saks

Ugg wants to excite us in the Fall

Ugg Australia, the sheepskin boots specialist, is diversifying into knitwear.

The company will launch a women’s and men’s knitwear collection for fall, available at Neiman Marcus, Ugg retail stores and through its Web site,  This company is certainly on the rise:  last year, Ugg’s sales increased 35 percent to $100.2 million, from $74.4 million. 
Available any day now, UGG sweaters will come in a range of warm colors and fits. Although perfect for those preppy types heading to the cabin, these pieces are fit for anyone’s wardrobe.

Chelsea’s Favorite Wedding Memories…

Chelsea's Gay Wedding Planner

Now that the wedding is over, be it the toniest, most high-profile and exquisite wedding imaginable or a budget-conscious DIY affair at the local lodge, when the Champagne flutes are long put away, the cake a gluten-free memory and fatigued dancing feet long soothed, all that’s left (apart from, one hopes, a sound marriage) are the pictures. Moral: a girl’s got to love her dress.  And as for the men? Clinton and Mezvinsky’s good friend Christopher Bailey of Burberry was proud to suite them up, and did the honors with the shirts and ties for Bill Clinton and the groomsmen.

By now anyone with a pulse and an Internet connection has seen the photo of Chelsea on the arm of her father, Bill Clinton, a shot that offers the best full-length view of her dress. Many of us would also love to see her lineup of lavender-clad bridesmaids as well as the children rumored to have been members of the wedding. And, oh yes, a good look at Hillary’s Oscar de la Renta gown, its Italian organza in a high-drama ombréd range from magenta to pale pink. At press time, those photos remained off-limits. While the extreme pre-nup discretion is understandable, who knows why the continued veil of secrecy? It’s unlikely they’ve sold the rights to People.

No matter. We’ve all gotten our wedding fix, not of the year/decade/century/Millennium, but of the moment, at least until the next marital megamerger comes along. (Three words: William and Kate). For now, everyone seems genuinely happy for Chelsea and Marc. Perhaps happiest of all, aside from the newlyweds themselves? That would be Robert Huth, president and chief executive officer of David’s Bridal, Vera’s new mate, professionally speaking. Will their union result in an under $1,200 take on Chelsea’s dress? No. Nor would Vera attempt to knock herself off so precisely.

But when your cousin Kelly gets married next spring, don’t be surprised if she swans down the aisle in a strapless dress with an artfully souped-up, swirly skirt.

Cruise 2011 Swimwear

The latest swimwear collections took inspiration from the splash of the Jersey Shore, the retro glamour of Sixties Las Vegas and the futuristic flash of superheroes, all to be on display at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim July 15-19 and SwimShow 2011 in Miami July 17-20. 

Amazing look and when I perfect ever square millimeter of my body (uhhmmm I wish) then I would LOVE to wear this… Who is already there?? (send  only 1st name and  photo)

Maybelline New York The Falsies by Volum Express Mascara ($8, available in drugstores now)

I just read about Maybelline’s thrilling new mascara: The Falsies. After a month of testing it out every day, “Who, What, Wear” can tell you that this product is a serious game changer. The curved brush and Pro-Keratin fiber-enriched formula is told to be fantastic and give you tremendously full and long lashes—people keep asking if those are extensions! All in all, they say it’s so amazing and suggest you stock up too! (On a side note: if you can’t find it at your local store, it will be available on Maybelline’s website in the next couple of weeks, so check back soon.)

Find Confidence, Find Yourself

Confidence is a critical and timeless attribute that women have struggled with for not only decades, but centuries.  How a woman feels about herself can affect her health, relationships, career and pretty much any and every other aspect of her life.  For example, a woman who does not think she is worth being loved by a man will end up with men who do not really love or respect her.  In fact, most abusive relationships are a result of low confidence.

How can someone gain confidence?  There are many practices that can help raise your sense of self worth.  Update your wardrobe and get a sexy new haircut.  Once you see how beautiful you can appear to others, you will start to believe it yourself, thus making yourself even more attractive to others.  This is an infinite cycle.  Aside from physical improvements, be sure to complement yourself every day.  Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are.  Maybe you have the ability to make people laugh, or perhaps you are a brilliant painter.  While you may feel silly talking to yourself, this is a very simple trick that works wonders.

Now that you have convinced yourself that you really are fabulous, don’t be afraid to show it off.  Though it may seem a bit vain at first, a glamour photo shoot of yourself is the ultimate treat.  Make yourself feel like a star.  You are beautiful enough to be photographed in a highly indulgent fashion.