LI Fight for Charity’s Fashionable Components

The excitement, the athletic preparation, the outfits(!)– all were on display last night at the 9th Annual Fight for Charity when the Long Island community gathered to support 3 worthwhile organizations, namely, The Genesis School, the Long Island Community Chest and the National Foundation for Human Potential. In the past, over 700,000 dollars have benefited from this event. More restaurants than ever before participated this year including beer, wind and vodka distributors. Save the date for next year: November 25th 2013!!

The friendly Welcome table!

Stunning reps from Hooters: Karissa, Michelle of the East Meadow location and Heather and Jessel of the Farmingdale location were on hand, happy to be part of this fun and worthwhile evening.

The American Bombshells (fitting, yes!) are thrilled to be opening this event with their own unique arrangement of the National Anthem. Peaches (left), Frenchie (middle), and Rox (right).

Sexy hot Ring girls: Heather Tocco, Nicole Hoyt, Jamie Cerverizzo and Ashley Czumak.  They feel the best part of of being part of this event is recognizing and supporting a great cause.

American Bombshell Entertainers wore some fabulous shoes and hose!

Jordan Kamer, President of Pictasticpics was on hand to show the wonders of what the Green Machine can do at your next event or parteeé-

Best dressed couple of the night…. (drum roll..) is Ms. Silvia Flores and Mr. Carl Guilbaud, of ET Events.

So many great local restaurants supplied the attendees with luscious bites.

Mark Eisenberg of Ultimate Limos, John D’Accolti, Joe Moser, yours truly Cathy Berger and Albert DiBernardo stopped to enjoy the crowd and admire each others’ stylish attire~

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