Daily Archives: September 29, 2011

Where you wouldn’t expect to find fashionistas– Patty Lee of the New York Daily News ILLUMINATES them!!

Patty Lee covers fashion, food and other fun parts of the local scene in NYC for the New York Daily News.  Her photographs and story brings color and meaning to the readership as she captures the style of everyday New Yorkers she notices on the street. I’ve enjoyed “On the Street” for awhile now, and think you should check it out if you’ve never seen it.

Through her column in Features, Patty is in charge of spreading the urban style of trendy women in order to inspire and… of course, entertain. She chooses 4 from many, and arranges them on the page so that their head-to-toe sartorial choices are in full view. Each woman gives a translation of her look, and Patty shares their mood alongside the photo. Her favorite “interview” so far has been a mother-daughter combo, where the senior of the pair (Mom) was dressed colorfully, looking vibrant and energetic. The younger half was all in black– completely comfortable in classic New York chic!

With some columnists’ sour outlooks on fashion caused by the volatile economy, sitting with Patty was really refreshing– she reaches outside the box, and gathers her arsenal of special, unique subjects from places we don’t normally expect to see a array of high style. A teen trip to the Bronx Museum resulted in a wealth of great subjects! Furthermore, this pretty young lady does all her own photography- carrying around her Nikon D90 DSLR– and never photoshopping anyone– it’s all naturalll! Enjoy our choice of selections from Patty’s many columns below~

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