Want a make over and have it featured in a national magazine?

Fashion Societe wants to know if you want to have a makeover from a national magazineFashion Societe is on the lookout to nominate deserving women to a national women’s magazine that is looking to do a feature about real life makeovers. Nominees must be:

1. Women ages 20 to 36.

2. Women whose look could use some freshening up.  Maybe she thinks mom jeans are ironically cool (they’re not), or darkens her eyebrows with a Sharpie (true story), or is holding on to a hairstyle that made her hot ten years ago (but isn’t doing much for her these days).  The more outrageous her fashion or beauty transgressions the better. Don’t worry about offending her–she’ll be too excited about getting a makeover to be upset.

3. Women who could use some pampering. Perhaps she’s a single mom, or she’s fighting cancer, or she’s putting herself through college singlehandedly, or she lost her job earlier this year.  We want to make her feel amazing for a day.

4. Live in the New York City area (surrounding states are fine).

Do you know someone who meets ALL these requirements?  Please email us if you do (YES, you can nominate yourself), or pass this post on so they can respond to the questions.

Send an email that answers the following questions to fashionsocietenyc@gmail.com by Thursday, September 22 at 12 noon EST.

City, State:
Email address:
Why she NEEDS a makeover:
Why she DESERVES a makeover:

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