Daily Archives: July 25, 2011

How to Take Pictures Like a Model

Photographs are lasting evidence of a great hair day or a bad night out and we’re not one to leave proof like that layin’ around—glaring sun and gusts of wind be damned! Remember, the picture is about you, not your hair, makeup, or clothes. No matter what you do or don’t have on, you can always give the lens your best shot with these helpful tips.

1. Be comfortable with yourself. Remember your mother saying beauty is within? Well honey, she couldn’t be more right. Confidence is one of the best accessories a girl can have in life and that holds true for pictures, too.
2. Play up your assets. Are your eyes Miami Beach blue? Your smile megawatt? Understand what traits are your best and show them off.
3. Know your angles. Most of us do have “a good side” and its up to us to find what that side is. A camera’s eye is different when it sees you head on, from the side, or above or below your eyeline. Find out which angle is the best one for you and stick with it.
4. Shift your weight. Situate yourself so that one leg stands in front of the other and your weight rests on your back foot with your whole body standing at a soft angle. Not only does this create a slimming effect but it is also a more natural head-to-toe stance.
5. Practice in a mirror. Hey, the models do it, too!
6. Relax. Figure out what triggers make you mellow—thoughts of cool winds on the beach, the smell of fall’s changing leaves, Brad Pitt’s butt in tight denim (ahhh). Think of this trigger for your next picture and you’ll have calm, cool, and collected written all over your face.
7. Think like a model. Make your signature poses second nature and you’ll never have a bad shot again. Models go from chatting to posing to eating to posing to sleeping to posing seamlessly! In time, you won’t be waking up for less than $10,000 a day either.