Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

Hey Shorty!

Sometimes the fashion world forgets that we’re not all 5’10 supermodels. In fact, some of us are pretty damn tiny! And thanks to Refinery29 and their petite shopping tips, we can stop toeing the line between Talbots twinsets and the kids department and start looking like the stylish, modern women that we are. There are three key principles to shopping when you’re on the smaller side: first, know your body type. Are you petite all around or just on top? Are you small framed or just short? Defining your body type will help you better understand what shapes and styles work for you. Second, understand the benefits of fit and proportion. Just because something covers your body doesn’t mean it fits correctly and just because crop tops are all the rage doesn’t mean those proportions are meant for you. Think about waistlines, pants length, and silhouettes as you pick and choose. Lastly, remember that tailors exist but they’re not magicians! Some things (hems, darts) are easy, inexpensive jobs that make certain garments totally worth the trouble and money. But a $300 dress that needs $200 worth of alterations certainly ain’t worth it, honey. Especially if you don’t have a tailor you trust with your life! So all you diminutive dames, keep these tips in mind and you’ll be better than any 5’10 supermodel—you’ll be the best you!