Daily Archives: June 17, 2011

Good to the Last Layer

photo courtesy of Nicholas K, SS11

Good things come in layers: cakes, Earth, and emotions. Not to mention outfits! And just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t!) throw on a few layers for the day, it just means you must do so smartly. Thanks to Fashionindie.com we’ve got the scoop on how to layer with the best of ’em this season and how to steer clear of your tank top and jean short rut. Sleeveless vests, necklace-minded scarves, lightweight leggings, and cropped tops all make the list this go around. Play with proportions, find the right combination of styles and accessories, and discover your new summertime self. What layered outfit are we ready to skip around the city in? A simple A-line day dress coupled with a structured vest, multi-strand necklace, thin animal printed belt, and some polished ballet flats to finish. Delicious, first layer to last.