Makeshift Facelift

A taut jawline and firm browbone may not make you look 25 again but they will certainly make you feel like you’ve shaved a few years off your look. And while some of us don’t agree with or can’t afford cosmetic surgery, we aren’t opposed to getting similar stunning results. So ladies, we introduce to you the DIY facelift: the ponytail. A classic look for all hair types, the ponytail also doubles as a youth enhancer when you know just the right way to work it. The key is to keep the sides slick with a little shine serum and the top lifted with some ol’ fashioned teasing to give the illusion of surgical intervention (having a sleek hairline gives the appearance of firmer skin and a “windblown on my Saint Tropez yacht” appeal). Sass up that tail with a braid or tease it out for a little Diana Ross glam. Remember, a simple style like a ponytail leaves a lot of room for reinvention so don’t be shy in veering off the beaten path. Before you know it, you’ll be getting carded for cocktails again. Surgery be damned!

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