Daily Archives: June 13, 2011

Covered Up Fun in the Sun

photo courtesy of Mott 50

We have a love-hate relationship with the sun over here at Fashion Societe. On the one hand, we love spending endless summer days in her warm embrace but on the other, we don’t want wrinkles! And even though it feels good to peel off those layers as the thermometer picks up, we have to remind ourselves that our skin is screaming to keep those clothes on. What’s a girl to do? There is light at the end of this already bright tunnel, we promise. Chain stores and specialty designers alike are now offering wide ranges of sun-protective clothing to keep you feeling and looking cool in every degree of heat. Uniqlo, a major national retailers, now stocks everyday casual wear that keeps your skin out of harm’s way while brands like Mott 50 and Coolibar promise to block both UVA and UVB rays, something most sunscreens fail to do. With each label entrusting both style experts (have you seen Mott 50’s printed dresses?!) and dermatological specialists in their apparel development, you can rest assured that no matter what the temperature, your wardrobe and skin will be thanking you for summers to come.