Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

In Fashionable Fighting Form

The last thing you want at your favorite yoga class is to be in downward dog when your ratty old sportsbra is no longer keeping you locked tight in all the right places. The only thing worse? Having a sportsbra that keeps you in check but looks like a beige, turtleneck! Thankfully in the grand scheme of modern improvements—iPhones, HD TV, long-wear lipstick—fashionable and functional sportsbras are aplenty. A favorite brand of ours, BodyRock Sport, recently launched its Fall 2011 collection, complete with zipper accents, tie-dye color ways, and bold animal prints. But BodyRock’s activewear doesn’t end there. This season’s collection now boasts “innovative jackets, leggings, as well as the introduction of yoga, triathlon, and cycling gear”. With style benefits like nylon and spandex blends, low-parise waistbands, and padded seating on cycling shorts, your inner Olympian will be ignited and ready to run, swim, jump, or dance. Exercise never looked this good, girls.