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Conference of Champions

As we mentioned earlier, Fashion Societe will be in Orlando this weekend for the Association of Image Consultants’ annual conference. And while we don’t want to make anyone jealous of our work day (sunny Florida with some of the best in the biz!), we would like to tell you a little more about what we’ll be doing today through Sunday. Hosted by leading image consultants across the country, this forum reaches out to all levels of business with instruction in technical skills, media training, and leadership development. For conference veterans like us, this is an opportunity to brush up on our skills and touch base with our like-minded peers. For newcomers this conference is a gateway to professional networking, industry guidance, and public outreach. Fashion Societe is looking forward to meeting up with old friends, securing new contacts, and receiving some of the most tailored (literally and figuratively!) training around. Go ahead, be jealous, darling.

Image Consultants International

Okay, you may think we were just born with fashion know-how but in reality, we’ve worked hard to get where we are and with all the information we are proud to have. Today, we are well-heeled members of AICI, Association of Image Consulting International, the premier collective of image consultants across the world, and can credit much of our expertise to learning and developing within this organization. We’re headed down to Florida for AICI’s conference this weekend and with them in mind, we want to bring some of what they do directly to you. With a commitment to improving appearance, behavior, and communication in personal and professional settings, AICI boasts a range of image consultants ready to help you amp up your image and self-esteem. One quick glance at their website and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t had an image consultation yet! From structured seminars to one-on-one tutorials, AICI is a sure-fire way to change not only how others see you, but also how you see yourself. With a helpful link to finding an image consultant near you, you’ll be looking and feeling your best in no time.

The Experts at Work

We’re new millennium girls and time is a thing of the past—who’s got it anymore? From deadlines to dinner dates, carpools to  cooking, you’re lucky if you get in a few hours of sleep along the way! So who can sit down and sift through magazine after magazine, blog after blog to find the best style advice around? Not you and not us, honey. But what would life be like—busy or not—without friends? Some of our best dressed gal pals run a diverse fashion reference site called Gathering, you guessed it, a range of industry experts to provide concise, comprehensive tips on style and fashion, this website should be every stylista’s bible. And this spring they’ve put their heads together to create 7 Fashion & Beauty Tips for Busy Women, the perfect answer to our relentless question. This quick, one-stop shop is not only full of basic (but worthwhile!) tips like preparation and a great attitude, but doesn’t fail to explore other facets of style like get a great hairstyle and don’t forget to wear makeup, too. So all you busy bees out there, if you can get away from your desk/kids/errands for one minute, use it to absorb this advice from the best of the best. Your renewed self will be proud.

Glossy Girls Reign Supreme

Summer heat waves are a beachgoer’s best friend… and a beauty maven’s worst enemy. Runny mascara, streaky foundation, these are just a few of the warm weather disasters a girl can experience. Thankfully, however, our pals at refinery29 have compiled a list of the best glosses for these next few months. Not only are glossed lips the perfect visual complement to sticky summer days, but they also protect that delicate skin of yours from the sun’s harmful rays. Pucker up with a feminine nude hue for a sexy and subdued look or embrace coral, an all-time favorite seasonal shade. Featuring high-end makeup lines such as YSL and Givenchy, this list makes sure to cover all price points with glossy products from Target and your local drugstore, too. Don’t let the sun, surf, and sweat wipe you clean of your dolled-up face this year, gorgeous. Instead, check out refinery29’s list for some tips on keeping your kisser camera ready this summer.

Kickstart Your Style!

Style is so much more than expensive clothes and of-the-moment trends. Style is an extension of you, a representation of you… and a damn good excuse to look good! And while some people find their personal style all on their own, others need a little guidance to get them there. Well, look no further than Fashion Societe for that shoulder to lean on. Our much-anticipated upcoming seminar, What’s Your Style Type, is sure to give you all the direction you need in uncovering your own unique flair. With an esteemed set of image consultants leading this structured, high energy forum, you will find your style while considering lifestyle, color palette, and body shape. In anticipation for this event, take a minute to check out 10 Easy Ways to Transform Your Style by Whether you’re in a style rut or need a starting point, this article is sure to give you some great ideas on how to reinvent your look and kickstart your style. And don’t forget to check out our site for the knitty-gritty on What’s Your Style Type? and more!

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

If you live in the greater New York City area, consider yourself especially lucky these next few months.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently running an exhibition on the late Alexander McQueen’s work entitled “Savage Beauty”.  Chronicling from his 1992 post-graduate collection to his posthumous final runway show in February 2010, this exhibition, coordinated by The Costume Insititute, is a tightly curated display of true artistic vision.  Even before his unexpected suicide last year, McQueen was heralded as a leader in avant-garde fashion and envelope-pushing garb.  Using political, social, and cultural commentary throughout his work, McQueen created pure art for the privileged to wear.  This collection features his signature designs including the kimono jacket and the bumster trouser as well as his historical-turned-modern silhouettes (think 1880s emphasized skirts for the new millennium girl!)  If you’re not a New Yorker, make a weekend trip to the city and you won’t be disappointed with this show.  Even better—The Met is pay-what-you-wish.  Cheap and inspirational, how often does that happen?  Visit The Metropolitan Museum’s site for more information on this current exhibit.

If the Shoe Fits…

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and while we’re still reeling from a few too many tequila shots, we’ve also been thinking about a Mexican fashion trend on the rise.  Traditional Mexican men’s garb includes a pair of leather or reptile hide pointed toe shoes, looking like a cowboy boot caricature.  Boys down there and certain fashion daredevils over here have now taken to extending that pointed toe up to seven feet long!  While practicality may not be a feature (hey, let’s not forget what we do for a good pair of Louboutins), these boots pay homage to tribal trends and rising dance movements throughout the region.  Check out this webisode called Behind the Seams on this growing fashion statement and see how these stilettos-on-steroids are attracting stylistas near and far.  Would you ever want to see your husband or boyfriend high stepping through town in these kicks?  How about you?  Remember to tread lightly, ladies.

Beauty Battle Plan

There are a bevy of rich, expensive, luxury beauty products out there that we all fantasize about using (hello—a tub of La Mer cream can run as high as $1,650!)  So what is a girl to do when her budget is tighter than her well-kept skin?  Enlist the help of Walgreens.  Yes, Walgreens!  Drugstores have long been safe havens for smartly priced beauty essentials but there has been questions about quality and diversity.  Thanks to new transitions on the part of Walgreens and its merchandisers, an in-store glamour center focusing on skin care and makeup is now being offered to the masses.  Since introducing clinical skin care lines such as Vichey and La Roche-Posay, the mega chain has seen a surge of customer interest.  The hope here is that Walgreens will now be a worthy adversary to Duane Reade’s Look Boutique, a high-end beauty concept offering its clients a more customized drugstore experience.  If you’re a New Yorker, pop down to the Walgreens in Astor Place and see how the upgrades are coming.  With the introduction of 26,000 beauty advisors nationwide, Walgreens’ new division is equipped with a hands-on staff hoping to make you look great… for a fraction of the cost!  Check out the Walgreens beauty store for a look at their products and the changes their making now.

Your Must-Have Spring Must-Haves

WWD, one of the premiere fashion resources, has compiled what they deem spring 2011 style essentials.  It’s hard to keep track of trends, new looks, and inspired choices—so thank the fashion gods for this cheat sheet!  While the full list of must-haves is below, Fashion Societe is practically gagging over a few picks in particular.  With a new spectrum of color slowly revealing itself from the shadow of this icy winter, we can’t get enough bright, bold garments in our wardrobe.  Like mixing prints (a rising trend we’ve already blogged about), wearing two or more strong, saturated colors draws the eye in and creates a chic statement.  Play up that emerald green blouse with a pair of spicy orange trousers or emphasize that turquoise circle skirt with a sleek ruby blazer.  And what better way to accentuate a great vivid outfit than with a pair of killer shades?  Look-at-me sunnies have taken the runways and streets by storm and they’ve long been a warm weather essential.  Dare to give sultry stares behind cat eye frames or be your futuristic self with patterned shield glasses.  The heat is here and you are officially smokin’, girl!

Spring Essentials

1.  Colorful separates

2.  Tribal choker

3.  Bold shades

4.  White flares

5.  Bright bag

6.  Coral polish

7.  Snakeskin

8.  Neutral leather jacket