If the Shoe Fits…

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and while we’re still reeling from a few too many tequila shots, we’ve also been thinking about a Mexican fashion trend on the rise.  Traditional Mexican men’s garb includes a pair of leather or reptile hide pointed toe shoes, looking like a cowboy boot caricature.  Boys down there and certain fashion daredevils over here have now taken to extending that pointed toe up to seven feet long!  While practicality may not be a feature (hey, let’s not forget what we do for a good pair of Louboutins), these boots pay homage to tribal trends and rising dance movements throughout the region.  Check out this webisode called Behind the Seams on this growing fashion statement and see how these stilettos-on-steroids are attracting stylistas near and far.  Would you ever want to see your husband or boyfriend high stepping through town in these kicks?  How about you?  Remember to tread lightly, ladies.

One response to “If the Shoe Fits…

  1. Very Nice.

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