Beauty Battle Plan

There are a bevy of rich, expensive, luxury beauty products out there that we all fantasize about using (hello—a tub of La Mer cream can run as high as $1,650!)  So what is a girl to do when her budget is tighter than her well-kept skin?  Enlist the help of Walgreens.  Yes, Walgreens!  Drugstores have long been safe havens for smartly priced beauty essentials but there has been questions about quality and diversity.  Thanks to new transitions on the part of Walgreens and its merchandisers, an in-store glamour center focusing on skin care and makeup is now being offered to the masses.  Since introducing clinical skin care lines such as Vichey and La Roche-Posay, the mega chain has seen a surge of customer interest.  The hope here is that Walgreens will now be a worthy adversary to Duane Reade’s Look Boutique, a high-end beauty concept offering its clients a more customized drugstore experience.  If you’re a New Yorker, pop down to the Walgreens in Astor Place and see how the upgrades are coming.  With the introduction of 26,000 beauty advisors nationwide, Walgreens’ new division is equipped with a hands-on staff hoping to make you look great… for a fraction of the cost!  Check out the Walgreens beauty store for a look at their products and the changes their making now.

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