Join Us!

Let’s gear up for summer together with Fashion Societe’s upcoming seminars, What’s Your Body Type? and What’s Your Style Type?  Held on Thursday, June 9 at 5:30 and 7:15, respectively, at our W. 36 St. studio in Manhattan, this forum will be equal parts lesson and leisure.  Grab a couple girlfriends and uncover your real shape and how to really fit it!  Led by trained image professionals who are in the business of making you look your best, each seminar is packed with a range of topics to ensure a comprehensive lesson.  Every girl out there wants to look her best but all too often we don’t know where to begin.  The first step is identifying your body type and shape.  From there, you will learn what proportions work for you, what trends to avoid, and how to flatter your figure in every season.  Then hang around for our second event of the night and discover your personal style and how to best convey it.  You may envy that oh-so-stylish woman you see every morning on your way to work but we want to help you make her look your own.  Get the lowdown on how to dress for your body and lifestyle and in no time you’ll be the one giving fashion lessons!  Drop by our website at for more information about these events, past seminars, and more.  Until June, fashionistas.

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