A Lesson in R&R

Try as we might, sometimes image overhaul is more than we can take on alone.  And sometimes bringing in a little outside help is the smartest way to get the advice you need (why else would you come to us?!)  From hair shaping to coloring, body grooming to skin tanning, the professionals really do know what they’re doing.  Thank the beauty gods for Allure magazine and their years-long running list of the best salons and spas in the biz!  Featuring 13 major cities from east to west coasts, the directory ensures you’ll find the perfect locale near you for a quick mini makeover or an indulgent full body rejuvenation.  Make the most of this experience and ask your hardest beauty questions to the trained staff buzzing about.  Always been curious if your skin was dry, oily, or combination?  What about the right makeup palette for your skin tone?  Or the best skirt length for your body type?  Well don’t be shy—this is what the experts are there for!  After you’ve found the right place to revamp, enjoy the whirlwind of glamour and make sure to take notes!


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