The Quest to Best Dressed!

Cindy Barshop

We’ve already written a few blog entries on the topic and we’ve also hosted a successful seminar on dressing for your body type.  Now we’ve got another reference for all you ladies out there looking to find the perfect style and fit for your form.  Real Housewives of New York star Cindy Barshop wants you to embrace your shape with a few of her silhouette guidelines.  Busty, boyish, apple, or pear, in this article Cindy gives clear and concise tips on how to accentuate the positives and avoid trend pitfalls (busty girls should not be in babydoll tops!)  From choosing the right undergarments to finishing with the proper outerwear, this mini tutorial takes you from bottom layer to top.  And she isn’t just spewin’ words—Cindy is a whiz at all things beauty thanks to her successful chain of national spas, Completely Bare.  Take a moment and ask yourself, what is my body type?  Then, use Cindy’s advice as a guideline for defining your best assets.  What a difference the right clothes make!  Still think you need a little more practice in this department?  Stop by the Fashion Societé website and learn about our upcoming seminars, body type lessons included!

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