Your Body, Your Image, and You

Ever wonder why you judge yourself by comparison?  C’mon, how many of us women have seen a stunning beauty shot of Halle Berry or a full body screen grab of Heidi Klum and wondered, why don’t I look like that?  Well, it turns out there is some science behind this process that plagues us all.  While body-mass index and overall health are some of the best indicators of well-being, turns out that a woman’s body image is more dependent upon the opinions of those closest to her than standard medical measurements.  And ladies, this isn’t always a good thing.  The researchers at Ohio State University who conducted the study showing these result say, “Women who focus more on how their bodies function and less on how they appear to others are going to have a healthier, more positive body image and a tendency to eat according to their bodies’ needs rather than according to what society dictates”.  So next time you’re envying Jessical Biel’s rock-hard physique, put the focus back on yourself and remember that doing so is good for your health!  The best news of all?  This study is a follow-up to a past study that found 50 percent of women “are satisfied with, and appreciate, their own bodies”.  Ladies roar!

Check out the study and its great accompanying article here.


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