Daily Archives: March 30, 2011

Caring for Your Hair in the Sun and Summer

Maybe we’re a little early in gearing up for summer but with this NYC winter still dragging on, we need something to look forward to—long weekends at the beach, sneaking out from work for lunch at a sidewalk cafe, and catching some rays while shopping (look at us multitaskers go!)  But if there is a second precaution us summer girls must take (the first being sunscreen) it is protecting our tresses from the damages of heat and sun.  So what can you do to keep your locks in their finest form?

1.  Go au naturale and give your hair a day off.  If you color or bleach your hair try laying off for a couple months to let the good oils and moisture build up again (you’ll also achieve the ombre hair look-of-the-moment once your roots grow in a little).  If stopping your color sessions is not an option, try putting down those products and tools instead.  Blowdryers, flat irons, and heavy treatments can damage your hair and weigh it down.  Let loose and fly, girlfriend!

2.  Condition, condition, condition.  The summer sun and humidity strip our hair of all the good juices it needs to stay lustrous and smooth.  So how do you replenish what has been depleted?  With at home conditioning treatments.  Once a week, bring a little life back to your locks with a deep conditioning treatment.  In between these treatments use a leave-in conditioner to maintain moisture and keep your strands protected from all the icky pollution out there.

3.  When in doubt, cover up.  You wouldn’t put your bare skin out in the burning sun without sunscreen now would you?  And would you put your unprotected hair under those same painful rays?  Of course not!  Next time you’re without protection from the sun, throw on a big straw hat and lay back.  Not only will this hat serve double duty in protecting your skin, but it will also keep your hair color intact and your tresses from dehydrating.  Now that’s something to toast a cocktail to!