Daily Archives: March 16, 2011

Fossil Frenzy

No outfit is ready without the right accessories and what better place to pick up a watch, leather satchel, or great pair of bohemian sunglasses than Fossil’s new pop-up store in downtown New York City.  Equal parts trendy and well-priced, Fossil’s ’70s beach bum vibe is especially felt in their spring and summer collections.  Nab a pair of shoes from their Long Live Vintage line or add a splash of color to your wrist with a teal or peach aluminum watch.  The beauty of this pop-up shop is that beauty never stops coming in!—new items arrive every two weeks and window displays will change over the five months that the store is in place.  Lazy Sunday walks through the city never looked so good.

Visit Fossil’s website for information on their pop-up store and a look at their current accessories.