Spring Forward in a New Pair of Shoes!

Our well-heeled pals at Splendora have left our mouths watering with their rundown of 30 Fabulous Shoes for Spring.  Be warned, this reel isn’t for the faint of fashion heart—from booties to wedges to sandals to slingbacks, there are styles and silhouettes to make every material girl a little dizzy.  And if that wasn’t enough, price points range from Toms’ cool $48 to Louboutin’s indulgent $795.  But while this slideshow answers the question of what to put on your feet this spring, it begs the question of what to wear from the ankle up?  We’re already envisioning cuffed dark denim, a quietly sexy cashmere cardigan, and bouffant hair with Alexander Wang’s Dakota Lace Up booties for drinks with the girls.  Join us in sitting down and swooning over these 30 fabulous kicks and get a little inspiration for your warm weather wardrobe.

Check out Splendora’s full list here.

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