Maison Martin Margiela, the fashion house responsible for the most avant-garde looks of the past two decades and a Gaga favorite, launches its first fragrance stateside this month.  Underscoring the illusive nature of its namesake designer (Margiela has never revealed himself to the fashion public!), the logo-less brand premiered its scent, (Untitled), in January to endless lines and rave reviews at French shop Colette.  Situating itself on the opposite end of the spectrum from commercial and Hollywood perfumes, (Untitled) is an earthy, backwoods-meets-hay fields unisex fragrance that Margiela himself helped develop.  Sexy, mysterious, subdued, and arresting, the scent packs and punch with touches of jasmine, cedar, bitter orange, and galbanum (think aromatic herbs).  With an unobtrusive label and unassuming moniker, (Untitled) markets itself as being whatever you want it to be.  And hey, when was the last time a beauty product gave you that kind of freedom?

Available at Maison Martin Margiela boutiques nationwide this month.


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