Guess Opened in Manhattan

Guess Inc. just recently opened their biggest worldwide store in New York City. The extremely large 13,000 square foot Fifth Avenue retail store is just the beginning of the Guess expansion in New York. The company hopes to open others on Third Avenue, 34th Street as well as in the Flatiron District.

“This is a big step for us,” said Paul Marciano, vice chairman and chief executive officer of Guess Inc. “We’ve never had a major location on Fifth Avenue. We found a store that’s a little bit big, but it will cover every avenue of our business. We have collection of lingerie and underwear, but because of space issues, we’ve kept it in Europe and Asia. I will [now] have the space.” (

Customers can expect to get a special treat in the new store such as an exclusive international jewelry line, pricer than the normal accessories sold in the other stores. There will also be exclusive handbags sold in Fifth Avenue along with watches that cost from a couple hundred dollars well up into the thousands for a limited edition style.

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