Can Kmart Get Sexy?

Sofia Vergara.
Apparently this megastore is going to try. Sexy Modern Family TV star, Sofia Vergara is going to have a collection in Kmart made of leggings, miniskirts, dresses, footwear, handbags and leopard print bustiers (ThreadNY). “We’re trying to fill in a hole in the store. They wanted to appeal to a younger woman with something a little spicy. The times are changing” (WWD). 

That they are. So why Kmart? It has a lot to deal with the large Latin clientele and sticking with a place she knows moms are comfortable shopping at. “This is not a new store for me. When you have kids you don’t go to Bergdorf Goodman to buy underwear and socks- you go to Kmart.”  Vergara apparently signed a “long-term contract” and the saucy collection priced around $9.99-$59.99 is expected to launch next fall.  She will also be the exclusive model for the collection.   The young, style-conscious woman has a new budget-minded place to shop for racy intimates, handbags, shoes, and plenty of bling.

Hmm, maybe Kmart can be cool after all.

One response to “Can Kmart Get Sexy?

  1. Hey– they’re finally recognizing not all of us are wealthy but we all like to look sexy? This line at Kmart will not only interest current customers but will bring new ones there like me. I will go there to check it out- Thanks for the post.

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