Are you buying any more winter-y clothes? If so note that “Pre-fall 2011 season” (in Paris, no less) has kicked off with Stella McCarthy showing a bevy of accessories sure to be closet staples

Always keep one or two seasons ahead when you are shopping– your hard-earned dollars will go farther when you know what colors and trends will open up in the next several months.  With all the insame sales going on, now you can get a great deal now on something you will wear seasons ahead.

The collection offered all sorts of situational possibilities from big, cozy geometric sweaters perfect for roasting marshmallows to chic work-appropriate suitings to racy little party dresses. Among the standouts: ivory cream pumps and metallic totes.  And because every girl likes to indulge her brightest side once in a while, McCartney interrupted the mostly neutral lineup with carefully-placed jolts of vibrant red.


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