Style Snafus: How To Begin to Avoid the 2011 Don’ts

One of our universal resolutions for the new year is to look our best. It’s too easy to fall into a style rut, so here are a few of the bigger style sins (that we’ve all been guilty of committing), and how to avoid them.

One-Size-Fits-All Rarely Works: Whether you are trying to hide a figure flaw or you’ve fallen in love with a certain item that just doesn’t come in your size, this is one of the biggest style mistakes that everyone makes. If it truuuly doesn’t fit you… please don’t buy/wear it.

Prints are hot this season, but wearing them together is not easy to do. If you know what you’re doing, this is fine. When in doubt, it’s probably best to put down one printed item and make the switch to a solid.

Sometimes what you see in fashion magazines and on runways is just not for you. Shop with a friend whose opinion you trust and who will be honest with you when you’re trying to pair a ’70s inspired jumpsuit with an oversize furry vest.

Even if you are a “rock star” nobody wants to see your undergarments on display every day. This look is just plain trashy unless you are on stage (and even then…)

One response to “Style Snafus: How To Begin to Avoid the 2011 Don’ts

  1. this inspires me to maybe try different patterns. i always tend to lean towards solids because i look terrible in big prints. thanks for great advice. i will be thinking about this when im shopping 🙂

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